Create a Private Haven with Blockout Blinds

When seeking ultimate privacy in the home, blockout blinds are the ideal solution. This fabric has been designed specifically to seal off light and provide you with a sense of luxury and privacy, thereby rendering it the perfect addition to your bedroom or TV room.

Discover the benefits of blockout window treatments

Does your house face out on to a busy street? Are you sick of noise pollution penetrating your home from the whoosh of traffic rushing by? Do you have rooms that tend to overheat during summer and turn up the chill factor in winter? It may be time to rethink your window treatments.

Thanks to the efficient insulating properties and maximum privacy and light control offered by blockout blinds, these savvy window treatments can greatly enhance your comfort levels. Also known as blackout blinds, the thick fabric functions to completely darken your rooms, therefore providing a slew of benefits. Install them in the nursery to help your child nap during the day; the bedroom if you work shifts; or the home theatre room to echo that real sense of being at the movies.

  • Ultimate privacy – not only blocks light from entering the room, but also blocks any light inside from being seen on the outside.
  • Better sleeping patterns – research has shown that cutting out as much light as possible while sleeping can eliminate interruptions to the body clock.
  • Reduced energy bills – the innovative blockout fabric functions to retain heat when it’s cold while reflecting it out of a room when it’s hot.
  • Sound reduction – similarly, the thick fabric of the blind acts as a sound barrier for outside noises.

Install double roller blinds for the ultimate compromise

Double roller blinds incorporating a blockout blind with either a sunscreen or light filtering blind are ideal if you’re looking for something to offer you privacy at night time and generous streams of sunlight during the day. Simply pair your blockout fabric with a sunscreen blind to maintain your sweeping views during the day, or with a light filtering blind when looking to diffuse sunlight without blocking it altogether. With a wide fabric range and great selection of colours available, you can find something to complement your current décor beautifully while serving an important function in your home.

Take advantage of our free samples and start designing your blockout window treatment today!

Deciding the idyllic colour and texture of your blockout blinds can admittedly be a challenge; particularly if you’ve opted for double roller blinds. Hence, we encourage you to order free samples, which we’ll express post straight to your door so you can ensure your decision is a confident one.

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