DIY Panel Blinds to Protect Large Glass Areas

Panel glide blinds are a stunning solution for all those large glassed areas in the home. Considered a luxe alternative to vertical blinds, panel blinds exude a stunning modern aesthetic while providing the necessary coverage to protect you and your interiors from Australia’s harsh UV rays. Keep your carpets and furnishings free from sun-damage by installing an efficient and effective covering for wall-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors.

Enjoy simple functionality and contemporary style

Operating large blinds may seem like a chore, but our panel glide blinds make things easy. When you wish to open them, simply use the attached child-safe control wand to seamlessly slide them along the support track. The panels will stack on top of each other one by one, enabling the sunlight to stream through your glass and provide you with stunning sweeping views of your surroundings.

Furthermore, because our DIY panel glide blinds are totally customisable, you can choose where they start and finish and where the control wand sits. This is particularly useful for glass doors as you can ensure the panels are divided in such a way as to provide easy access to your door handles.

Panel glide blinds come in three fabric styles for your convenience

Window coverings should serve a specific function for your room, which is why we offer our panel blinds in different fabrics. Choose blockout fabric to ensure total privacy and protection from the sun; light filtering fabric to soften and diffuse daylight without compromising your privacy; or sunscreen fabric to maintain magnificent views while reducing heat and glare.

To ensure your new window coverings perfectly complement your décor, DIY Blinds also provides a huge variety of textures and colours to choose from. From crisp whites to warm greys and deep charcoals, you can get creative with your personal style and inject a unique sense of ambience into your space. Order your free sample booklet today and compare fabrics against your windows to ascertain the best solution for your needs.

Begin basking in the luxury of custom-designed panel glide blinds today.