Wanting to give your room a fresh little facelift but don’t quite have the funds to splash out on the services of a professional interior designer? No problem. We can help navigate you towards creating a space that matches a champagne lifestyle – all while on a barebones budget.

1. Get inspired

First things first: sharpen your sense of style. Whether you prefer flicking through the glossy pages of a magazine or surfing through the digital sphere, the number of interior design publications and platforms out there is enormous. Pinterest is a great tool for the tech-savvy decorator, allowing you to explore the hottest trends online and discover innovative design methods you can do yourself. If you’re more of a paper partisan, check out magazines such as Belle or House and Garden for some high-class inspiration from the experts in the game.

2. Find your style

Once you’ve got a good idea of the latest trends in interior design, you should be able to curate a style that most appeals to you. We recommend going for something that complements and aligns with the current tone of your house rather than introducing a totally new style that will jar with your existing spaces. Collect together some magazine clippings to create a ‘mood board’ that reflects your chosen style, or put together your own digital pin board via Pinterest.

3. Establish your colour palette

our choice of style will have a huge effect on the colour theme you decide to run through your room. If you are opting for a minimalist feel, monochromatic shades of white intercepted with hints of grey or mushroom is the way to go. For rustic chic, choose natural tones and inject the space with generous doses of timber – from exposed floorboards to wooden window treatments. If bright and bold is more your thing, we suggest choosing three to five harmonising colours and balancing these out evenly for a warm and inviting room.

4. Dapple in DIY

ow that you’ve stepped into the mind of an interior designer, it is time to put your newfound knowledge into practice. The best way to shave extra costs off your room refurbishment is by doing the majority of the work yourself. Invest in a couple of paint tins and brushes and get to work on those walls; find second-hand furniture gems on Gumtree or at your local op shop and whip out that sander and varnish; and hoist up some slick new window treatments (just check out the huge range available at DIY Blinds!). These changes are not only cost-effective, but will make a major difference to the outdated ambience your room is currently evoking.

5. Add finishing touches

ust like an outfit is not complete without jewellery, a room is not complete without a few embellishments to really set the tone and establish a personality. Wall adornments are key here; however, you don’t need to fork out wads of cash for expensive artwork. Rather, why not get an old poster professionally-framed, or try printing out a collection of your favourite photos – Parabo Press is one of our favourite companies for producing beautiful designer-quality prints and wall hangings from your humble snaps. Lastly, add a few plants and cushions and ta-da! Hello, stylish new room.