So, the time has come to bid farewell to your humble abode. As you get ready to put the house on the market, there will undoubtedly be one thing bubbling away at the forefront of your mind: what is the best way to give your space that greatly sought-after extra value? While there are a multitude of different avenues you can venture down, many homeowners will often be looking to opt for easy solutions that won’t chew up their time or their bank accounts – and rightly so.

We’ve come up with a couple of simple DIY solutions for you to take advantage of during your quest to acquire a higher price label for your home.

1. Give your walls a lick of paint

Okay, so this is an oldie but it’s also a downright goodie. Choose a crisp white shade that is timeless enough yet still relishes a hint of a modern edge to glide your home’s interior spaces through future design trends. Set aside an afternoon for each room and plough through those tins of paint to instantly revive your old walls.

2. Reconsider your window treatments

Take down those crusted, old-fashioned curtains and make your windows a beautiful feature with a new set of blinds. DIY Blinds provides an assortment of different kinds of blinds in a wide array of colours and fabrics which can be made to order and installed by yourself.

3. Update your flooring

Take to your floorboards and give them a lime wash, a stain, a new paint colour or even a simple resealing. If you have carpeted floors, there’s a good chance that a sea of floorboards positively bursting with potential lay beneath, in which case you can rip up those musty old carpets and get to work coating the existing boards with an equal-parts mixture of boiled linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar.

4. Get your bathroom tiles sparkling

These days it isn’t always necessary to go through the whole arduous renovation process when trying to spruce up the old bathroom. Most hardware stores sell high-gloss tile paint as well as the super handy Grout Pen to tackle those discoloured grooves. Stock up on these and get your wet areas feeling fresh and looking luxe.

5. Save a few bob by replacing knobs

When it comes to updating the interior of your kitchen, often your first instinct is to do a whole cabinetry replacement. However, a quick and cheap way to freshen up the space is to simply source some stylish door knobs and cupboard handles and spend an hour or two unscrewing the old ones and replacing with the new fixtures.

6. Groom your garden

Being winter, right now is actually the perfect time of year to harness your inner green thumb and get into some nature-nurturing. Give your garden a general tidy-up, fill any gaps with potted plants, and attack your paths, pavements and paintwork with a high-pressure hose. Your outdoor area will come up looking lush, lovely, and good as new.

7. Tend to your home’s exterior

This is one of the first things home-buyers notice, so it’s a good idea to give it the loving it needs before inviting potential candidates to come wandering through your space. Replace any panels in weatherboards, fill gaps in brick homes with fresh mortar, and give rendered walls a new dose of concrete where necessary.