Item Checklist

Bracket Supply List

Blind Size / Brackets Supplied

100-2400mm / 4

2500-3195mm / 5

3200-3800mm / 6

3900-4500mm / 7

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill with Phillips head drill bit
  • Metal tape measure
  • Stepladder

What are you mounting your blind to?

I am drilling into timber: Pre-drill holes and use the provided screws

I am drilling into plaster: We recommend use of the Ramset 10mm Grip Hollow Wall Anchor

I am drilling into concrete, stone, brick or tile: Use a Masonry drill and appropriate plugs, anchors or screws

Step 1 - Installing Brackets

Keep the end brackets 50mm in from the edge of the architrave, space evenly across the window.

Mark if necessary and pre drill 2 holes. Secure the brackets with screws.

Ensure that the height of your bracket is at the height which you measured for your order.

  • Face Fit

  • Recess Fit

Step 2 - Positioning Track


For large blinds it is best to have a second person help hold the blind in position.

    • Lift the track into place, ensuring that it is evenly spaced across your window.
    • Insert the back of the bracket into the groove on the top at the rear of the track.
    • Lift the front of the track up and click into place.

Step 3 - Attaching Panels

  • Fold the top of the panel width wise along the plastic spline.
  • Unscrew the end cap on the relevant top rail.
  • Insert the folded section of the blind into the top rail.
  • Replace the top rail end cap.

Step 4 - Child Safe Control Wand

Hook the wands to both ends of the track for easy operation. To open and close, slowly push or pull the wand in the direction that is required.