Linked blinds are the ideal blinds for sliding doors or bi-fold doors. Linked roller blinds join multiple blinds with the smallest of gaps in between them.

Make the transition to outdoor living easier with our great range of roller blinds, in a wide choice of materials, with the added control that comes with a linked roller blind. Link up to 4 roller blinds with our Easy-Link bracket to reduce the gap from 35mm to 19mm between your blinds to match your sliding or bi-fold doors seamlessly.

Select from a range of linked combinations in order for you to showcase your home’s interaction with your outdoor space in the best possible light. Linked blinds also let you control multiple roller blinds with a single chain so you can move the chain from between each window to the the edges for a seamless, unobtrusive look. See how a linked roller blind system can give you the control and look to enhance your space.

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Control Options

Interact with your linked roller blinds with the below control options. Match your blinds to your bi-fold, bypass or sliding door frames and control multiple blinds with the one control or have the flexibility of dual controlled linked roller blinds.
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How much will I pay for Easy-Linked blinds?

$40 per extra blind. Your first blind costs the same as any other roller blind. Second blind onwards to be linked will be an extra $40.

Can I Easy-Link double roller blinds?

Yes. Double linked roller blinds offer the ultimate control for your sliding/ bi-fold doors with sunscreen/light filtering options paired with blockout roller blinds.

Can I Easy-Link 2 roller blinds with independent control?

Yes. You can get the benefit of a slimmer join of 19mm, and still enjoy independent control of each individual roller blind.

Will my Easy-Link blinds take longer to arrive?

No. Our same great ‘made in 7 days’ promise is honoured for linked roller blinds.

Easy-Link blinds let you hang individual blinds with minimal gaps for a sleek, seamless finish.

With quality components by ACMEDA™ you can be sure DIY Linked Roller Blinds will stand the test of time.,
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