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Designer Curtains

Ultra premium, luxury designer curtains

Transform any room of your home today with our high quality luxurious selection of DIY designer curtains.

Bring luxury to your space

You can achieve a luxury designer look and meet your privacy, light control and thermal insulation needs.

Quality curtains that last longer

All DIY designer curtains come with a 5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Add motorisation

Motorised curtains are the ultimate choice for the most stylish homes and it doesn't get more premium than DIY Blinds + Somfy.

Get the penthouse look

Our curtains scream custom made and what's more they are quick to install, making it so easy to glam up your windows.

It's all in the details

Not only do you have a huge range of fabrics and colours to choose from, there's so many more options to customise.

You can choose to have your curtains mounted on either the ceiling or the wall, select your track type & colour and even choose a hem length.

You can even choose to have them cleanly hover off the floor or elegantly puddle. There's no extra work or measurements involved, we make all the adjustments for you.

Get started by designing your curtains to see how you can make them your own.

Custom styles

Can't find what you're after in our curtain customiser? Get in touch with our design consultants to explore the following styles - as well as any other custom designs or ideas you have for your home

Pick your pleats

There are no wrong choices when it comes to picking your perfect pleat, that's why we offer five different heading types.

Choose from

  • S fold curtains
  • Double pinch pleat curtains
  • Triple pinch pleat curtains
  • Pencil pleat curtains
  • Knife pleat curtains

Design and order

The luxe way to control light and privacy

Nothing beats the feeling we get, knowing we’ve helped our customers choose their dream curtains. The perfect finish looks fabulous and is super functional as well.

Soften the sun's glare with sheer curtains

Diffuse harsh light and prevent your treasured furniture and floors from fading.

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Block light and provide ultimate privacy

Perfect for bedrooms and theatre rooms, blockout designer curtains darken your room when needed, and it stops heat escaping when it’s cold outside.

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Why you'll love our curtains

Transform any room with high-quality, luxurious curtains from DIY Blinds.

Sense of scale

Curtains are more than just a practical choice. With their long lines and floor-to-ceiling designs, you can emphasise the height of a room and elongate your walls and windows. S fold curtains are an excellent choice for this.

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Thermal insulation meets luxe texture

Combining sheers with blockout blinds is one of our most popular product combinations.

Gain all the benefits of installing a blockout roller blind behind your sheers: complete light control, daytime and nighttime privacy and incredible thermal insulation.

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Create a sense of scale with S fold curtains

The S folds within your curtain create long vertical lines which elongate your walls, helping make your space appear taller, larger and grand.

Designers love its structured yet soft look, where the folds in your fabric form an S shape along a special track.

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You can’t have enough natural light in a home. Sheers are perfect for filtering light and adding a touch of drama.
Yolanda, DevelopHer

No skimping on fabric

We know Aussie made means superior craftsmanship. We use more fabric per square metre than our competitors, to achieve a full and sumptuous look. Have peace of mind for years to come with a 5 year warranty on all materials, mechanisms and components of your curtains.

Our curtains have 2.2 metres of fabric for every metre of track, which makes them look so plush.

World class luxury.

Wake up to luxury every day. When you invest in DIY Blinds and Somfy, you're getting the very best in technology and design.

Learn about motorisation

Designer curtains meet premium technology.

Somfy + DIY Blinds

How does motorisation work?

Motorisation is a smart and effortless alternative to using curtain wands or cords. You can use a remote control, smart phone or your voice and it’s child safe, super accessible and looks sleek.

Simply add motorisation when you order your curtains.

Learn more about motorised curtains

How do motorised curtains work?

Motorised curtains, or automatic curtains can be controlled by a remote. This is a great solution if you have lots of curtains that you want to shut all at once.

Add a compatible smart home hub to add additional functionality like using an app or voice commands to control your blinds - or to set automatic scenes so your curtains close at the same time every day, even when you're away from home.

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Our motorised blinds are compatible with

Amazon Alexa
Google Home
If This Then That

Find your perfect finish

We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks up our sleeve, to help you pick the ideal fit. Getting it right creates a sense of space and celebrates the architectural features in your home.

Get touchy feely with our fabrics

Choose your free designer curtains samples online, and we’ll express deliver them to your door.

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Double curtains and lined curtains

Double curtains and lined curtains are a great thermal insulation option and totally block light.

Double Curtains

Lined Curtains

Curved tracks

If you have a corner window and you’re wondering where to start, don’t stress. The good news is, we’ve never met a corner window we couldn’t dress.

Curved curtains

Box and bay curtains

Thermal protection year round

Keep your home comfortable even in the middle of summer and winter. Blockout curtains, double curtains and lined curtains all provide excellent thermal insulation.

If you prefer sheer curtains, pair with a roller blind, or for the ultimate in light control and thermal insulation, it's hard to go past blockout curtains over plantation shutters.

Think about the mood of the house that you want to create because curtains can make a huge difference.
Susie & Brad

Functionality at its finest

Sheer curtains are the ultimate for practical design. They soften harsh glare from the sun, which has so many functional benefits including reducing glare on your TV or computer. Sheer curtains can also protect your furniture and fittings from harsh UV rays.

Blockout and lined curtains provide incredible light control and are also a great option for improving acoustics.

It's a collaboration of me knowing the look that I wanted and DIY Blinds knowing the functionality and the practicality and how we can achieve that look.
Josh & Jenna - The Block

DIY install or we can do it for you

Designer curtains are easy to measure and install using our online guides. If you prefer not to DIY, we can professionally install your curtains for you.

Designer curtains how to guides

It’s easy to DIY install with our helpful guides

Our easy to use guides and videos will help you with every step of the DIY process. We share useful design tips, measure and install instructions and technical product information.

How to guides

Can’t DIY install? We can do it for you.

If you don't like to DIY, that's OK! Our professional install team is here to help. We provide check measure for $99 and installation services from $250 across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Find out if installation is available in your area.

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Are you renovating or building a new home?

Share your house plans with us! We’d love to help design your window furnishings. We can also review your build plans, pelmet dimensions and window sizes.

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Be inspired

Browse our online showroom and download our free magazines full of great ideas for your space.

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Be inspired double curtains

Free designer curtains magazine

Download the designer curtains magazine full of the latest trends and styles to help you find your dream look.

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