For a functional and aesthetic role in any space sheer curtains are the perfect choice, helping to soften the room while providing a stylish way to defuse light. For privacy and light block they can be incorporated with a roller blind keeping costs down while maintaining luxuriant taste.

Select your Finish

  • Just off the floor

    This is our default look, please don’t make any additions or subtractions as this will be taken care of for you.

  • Just on the floor

    Add 10mm to your drop measurement to achieve this look.

    You can also have you curtains puddled on the floor in which case we recommend adding 20-50mm to your drop

After a specific look?

Please email and we will advise how your measurements should be adjusted to achieve this

Measuring the Width

  • Measure the Width

    Your width measurement can be either wall to wall for a designer look, or you can measure the width of the window.

  • Wall to wall

    Measure from one wall to the other

  • Face mount curtains

    To reveal your entire window when curtains are drawn, add 25% in total to the width measurement.

  • Cornice

    If you have cornices, measure from the inside of the cornices to ensure the tracks will fit onto your ceiling.

  • Straight edge ceiling

    If you have no cornices simply measure from wall to wall

Measuring the Drop

  • Face Mount

    Measure from where you would like your curtains to start - either below your cornice or at any point you choose - to the floor. Measure along the left, middle and right and use the largest measurement.

  • Ceiling Mount

    Measure from ceiling to floor in three different positions: along the left, middle and right. Once finished record the largest measurement.

Inconsistent drop measurements?

If there is more than 10mm variation, please email

Essential Measuring Tips

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 918 390
  • For help deciding on the mount, email a photo of you window(s) to
  • Use a metal tape measure
  • Provide measurements in millimetres
  • Only provide exact measurements, do not deduct from drop as we will do this for you
  • Double check all of your measurements
  • Specify width and drop when writing your measurements to ensure you don’t reverse them

Our Promise