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Which roller blind option should I choose?

When selecting your roller blinds, think about how you want your blinds to function and to look. You can achieve a bespoke designer look and meet your privacy, light control and thermal insulation needs.
64 Anderson Samples

Blockout roller blinds

Recommended for bedrooms and street-facing rooms where complete nighttime privacy is needed. Blockout roller blinds are perfect for darkening your room, so you can sleep better at night and enjoy a daytime movie. They also prevent passers- by from seeing into your home at night. Most of our blockout roller blind fabrics have an acrylic lining for excellent thermal insulation. They help stop heat from escaping from your room in winter, and help keep your home cool over summer.

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Little Willow Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light-filtering roller blinds

Recommended for living spaces, bathrooms and rooms where daytime privacy is needed. Light-filtering roller blinds diffuse sunlight, and prevent anyone from looking into your home during the day. Opt for a pale-coloured blind to blend with your walls, and to make your space feel bright and airy during the day. You can hide unwanted external views such as a brick wall or fence with a light-filtering blind, without losing any natural light.

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Roller Blinds Magazine Sunscreen

Sunscreen roller blinds

Recommended for rooms with lots of direct sunlight, and for rooms where daytime privacy is needed. Sunscreen roller blinds block 95% of UV rays, to help protect your furniture and flooring from fading. On sunny days sunscreen roller blinds take away the glare and help keep out the sun’s heat. They can help lower your cooling bills over summer. Sunscreen roller blinds do not totally remove your views, so you can feel connected to the outdoors.

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How many fits are available for roller blinds?

Learn about our fabulous roller blind fit options, and get expert advice picking your perfect fit.
Nicks Place Recess Fit

Recess fit roller blinds

We love the seamless and discreet look of recess fit blinds. A fantastic choice if you have minimum 50 mm of depth in your window recess and minimal obstructions, so your roller blinds can operate smoothly. Your roller blinds attach inside your recess or window frame. When they’re rolled up, you barely notice them at all.

How to measure roller blinds
Beaconsfield Face Fit

Face fit roller blinds

Face fit blinds create an optical illusion to make your windows look larger. Face fit blinds attach to the front of your window frame, or straight onto your wall if you don’t have window frames. They are excellent for light control, privacy and thermal insulation. They are super functional for bedrooms when combined with a blockout fabric. Face fit blinds are fabulously versatile, because you don’t need any clearance inside your recess.

How to measure roller blinds
Little Willow Pelmet

Add a pelmet to complete the look

Our custom-made pelmets are sleek and streamlined. Choose a pelmet in a matching fabric to your roller blind or in a powder- coated metal finish, to finish off the look and hide the fabric roll and brackets. Ideal for both recess fit and face fit roller blinds.

How to measure roller blinds
ARCOS Motorisation

I’m interested in motorised blinds. Where do I start?

Motorisation is a smart and effortless addition to your designer roller blinds. You can use a remote control, smart phone or your voice to control your roller blinds. Motorised roller blinds are child safe, super accessible and look sleek, as you do not need any chains.

Learn more about motorisation
Nicks Place Retrofit

Can I retrofit my existing roller blinds with motorisation?

Of course! Any DIY Blinds roller blind can be retrofitted with Somfy-powered motorisation. You can also retrofit a range of compatible roller blinds. Retrofit your roller blinds to add a touch of effortless luxury at home.

How does retrofit work?
AYANA Layer Sheers

What are the benefits of layering sheer curtains over blockout roller blinds?

Layer sheers over blockout roller blinds for instant softness, texture and drama. Enjoy total light control, daytime and nighttime privacy and incredible thermal insulation with this magic combination.

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Design tip

“Get a quick price online. Our roller blinds are great value and premium quality."

We’re here to help

Our design team is passionate about helping our customers choose roller blinds that fit and function perfectly. We can chat through your ideal look and practical needs like light control, privacy and thermal insulation. You can email a photo of your windows to us, for expert advice choosing a roller blind fit.
64 Anderson Samples

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Blue Lagoon Toy Room Roller Blinds

How to measure

Measuring up is easy. Measure up like a pro with our online guides, and get a quick price online.

How to measure roller blinds
Long Jetty Master Roller Blinds

Customise your order

Customise your roller blinds and order online, then we’ll take care of the rest. Add motorisation with both battery and wired options from Somfy. Just add motorisation when you are designing your roller blinds.

Design & Order
Kellett St Roller Blind

DIY or professional install

We’ll deliver your Aussie made roller blinds direct to you. You install your roller blinds using our easy online guides, or we can professionally install them for you.

How to install roller blinds

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