Item Checklist

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill with Phillips head drill bit
  • Metal tape measure
  • Stepladder

What are you mounting your blind to?

I am drilling into timber: Pre-drill holes and use the provided screws

I am drilling into plaster: We recommend use of the Ramset 10mm Grip Hollow Wall Anchor

I am drilling into concrete, stone, brick or tile: Use a Masonry drill and appropriate plugs, anchors or screws


It is important to securely attach the brackets to the mounting surface. To achieve this the included screws must secure into wood studs, otherwise a fastener is required for secure mounting (not included).

Make sure the fastener you purchase is suitable for the weight of the product. If you are unsure, please contact us so we can suggest the correct fastener.

Step 1 - Position

As per your order, determine where your blind is to be fitted

  • Face Fit

    On the architrave or wall

    Use the screw holes at the back of the bracket

  • Recess Fit

    Inside your window frame

    Use the screw holes at the top of the bracket

Step 2 - Brackets

  • Place the end brackets on their corresponding sides - the bracket etched with LHS goes on the left and RHS on the right.
  • Pre-drill 2 holes and secure the bracket with screws.
  • Space out central brackets evenly (at least one bracket every 900mm)


Use the edges of your architraves as a reference to keep brackets level. Ensure the end brackets are fitted to the width you originally measured for your order.

Step 3 - Inserting the blind

Slide the head rail into the brackets and close the brackets to secure the blind.

Step 4 - Attaching the valance

Recess Fit blinds will only have a fascia valance, where the Face Fit blinds will also include two side returns for the valance.

  • For Face Fit attach the return to the fascia using the clips on the reverse of the fascia
  • For both Face Fit & Recess Fit, the valance can then be clipped onto the head rail of the blind via the hooks on the reverse of the valance.

Step 5 - Installing the Cord & Cleat

  • The cleats must be installed at least 1600mm above floor level, because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat.

    Fasten the cleats to the wall using the screws provided. Do not use tape or glue.

    The cord must not form a loop longer than 220mm and should be wound entirely around the cleat.

Child Safety

All blinds are supplied with Child Safety devices as per the Australian Child Safety Laws. It is the responsibility of the person installing the blinds to make sure these are installed and that warning tags are to remain on the blinds.