Corner Windows

There will always be a small gap between the blinds when it comes to corner windows. However there are ways to minimise the light and vision, here are a few tips:

  • Illustration of a corner window

    Achieving Privacy

    Have A to B (the blind running all the way through) covering the front window to achieve the most privacy, to stop vision down the gap between the butting blind.

    Position the gap to minimise the light coming in or in a way to make the gap less obvious when entering the room.

How to Measure

  • Illustration of a corner window

    1 Measuring the first blind - A to B

    Measure the first blind A to B into the corner without making any deductions.

  • Illustration of a corner window

    2 Measuring the second blind - C to D

    When measuring C to D it is important to subtract the projection depth from the blind to obtain the proper ordering width. You will be ordering the finished blind size. The distance/projection depth to be subtracted will depend on the type of product. See product projection depth below.

Product Projection Depth

  • Roller Blind Standard - 80mm
  • Roller Blind Heavy Duty - 95mm
  • Double Roller Blind 48mm - 140mm
  • 63mm Timber Venetian - 75mm
  • 50mm Timber Venetian - 65mm
  • Panel Glide - Varies to track size
  • Slimline Blind - 35mm
  • 50mm Alum. Venetian - 65mm
  • 127mm or 89mm Vertical Blind - 100mm
  • Roman Blind 40mm Headboard - 45mm

Essential Measuring Tips

  1. Always use a metal tape measure
  2. Always write down your measurements indicating which is width and drop. Take extra care to ensure you don’t reverse them.
  3. Double check all your measurements. We don’t refund or replace items due to inaccurate measurements.
  4. There is no need to shorten your measurement to allow for clearance. We’ll take that into account. All we need from you is the exact measurement.
  5. We require all measurements in millimeters.
  6. Measure every window, as they may have slight variations that will effect your window furnishing from fitting perfectly.
  7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate calling us on 1300 918 390 between 9am and 9pm Mon to Fri or 10am to 5pm Sat & Sun. Our customer service team is more then happy to help.

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