The easy way to measure your bay windows for designer curtains with curved tracks.

Welcome to our simple guide to measuring your bay windows for your new designer curtains with 45 degree and 90 degree curved tracks. You're going to love just how quick and easy it is to measure up.

Before you get going

Designing your dream curtains

The fun starts with designing how your curtains will fit, so channel your inner stylist and get creative! This is about finding your dream look and getting custom curtains that fit and function perfectly.

Curtains that hang from your ceiling are called ceiling mount:

  • give a sense of space and draw focus to the height of your room
  • curtains are best attached to ceiling battens
  • our curved tracks are perfect for bay windows with 45 degree and 90 degree angles
  • great option for a straight edge ceiling and to fit inside cornices
  • opt for curved double tracks to layer curtains
  • choose from 3 finishes - just off the floor, touching the floor or puddled
  • go for sheers for a soft and floaty look and blockout fabrics to stop all light coming in
  • keep it on trend with a left stack or right stack
  • pick a centre opening for easy access to your windows, or multiple openings for custom off-centre splits
  • customise your track flow by choosing a fixed flow or free flow
  • get the luxe look with an S fold or go traditional with pleated curtains
  • for larger drops go for a longer wand or no wand at all
  • pick your perfect hem and for premium linens opt for our 100 mm hem for a luxe look
  • opt for residential tracks in white to blend with light walls, or black or silver to tie in with similar features in your home (no designer track option for curves)
  • combine curtains with roller blinds, giving you all the options to control light and privacy
  • looking for something unique? Contact us about our designer curtain rods and different fabrics

OK it's time to start measuring,
let's take it step by step.

Measuring up your bay windows for ceiling mount curtains is easy, here's how to do it. You can call us if you need help measuring up.

1 Check your corner angles

Check that the angles in your bay window corners are 45 degrees or 90 degrees (at a right angle). If you're not sure or your angles are different contact us and we will help!

To check if your angles are 45 degrees grab an A4 piece of paper. Fold over a corner to touch the opposite side of the paper and so the edges on both layers of paper line up. Place the paper into a corner of your bay window. If both sides are flush with your window then your angle is 45 degrees.

To check a 90 degree angle you can hold up an A4 piece of paper into your corner and if the paper fits snugly you have a 90 degree corner.

1 A measure ceiling bay window curtains

2 Measure your widths

For your curtains to cover all 3 sides inside your bay window measure the width of your ceiling above the left, middle and right sides of your bay window from corner to corner. Begin at the outer edge of the left side and measure into the corner (where your walls or cornices meet) and write it down. If you have cornices you'll measure from the inside of your cornices.

Measure in the same way for each side of your bay window and write them down. These three measurements will be your track width.

You don't need to deduct anything for your track curves. Don't worry about measuring how much fabric you need, we'll take care of that for you based on your track width.

2 A 5 measure ceiling bay window curtains

3 Measure your splits (optional)

  • A

    For multiple openings you can choose up to 2 custom splits and tell us exactly where you'd like them. Splitting your curtains is a fantastic option for multiple doors or windows, so you can easily move sections of your curtains.

    Make a note of how many splits you'd like in your curtains and choose which side(s) of your bay window you'd like the splits on. We will assume that your splits are evenly spaced if you don't give us split measurements.

    If you don't want any splits you can skip to step 4.

  • B

    For one custom split measure the width from the left across to where your split will be and write it down. You're measuring on the wall your split will be on.

  • C

    For two custom splits measure the widths from the left across to each split position and write them down. For each split, measure on the wall your split will be on.

4 Measure your drop

Measure from your ceiling down to the floor above your left side, in the middle and right side. If you have cornices, you'll measure from the inside of your cornice. Write down the largest of all three.

Go for puddling if your 3 measurements have a greater than 10 mm difference.

3 A 5 measure ceiling bay window curtains

5 Choose your finish

When you design and order your curtains choose from the three finish options below.

Please only provide the hard measurements to us and please don't make any deductions or additions. We'll make the necessary adjustments so you get the perfect finish.

If you choose curtains just off the floor they will be approximately 5 - 10 mm shorter than your drop measurement, and they will hover just above your floor.

If you choose curtains touching the floor they will skim your floor by up to 5 mm.

If you choose puddling your curtains will puddle on your floor by 20 mm. If you'd like a larger puddle let us know when you order.

4 A 5 measure ceiling bay window curtains

6 Choose your wand and how your curtains open

Note down which wand you want. It sounds obvious but the larger your drop, the larger your wand needs to be so you can reach it.

Also note down whether you want left stack, right stack, a centre opening or multiple openings. Think about which side is easiest to reach, obstruction free and which part of your window you'll want to open often.

When you order you'll also need to choose between a fixed flow and a free flow, which is where your curtains open in any direction.

5 A 5 measure ceiling bay window curtains

7 Order your custom curtains online

You're all set to order your curved track curtains!

You'll choose your hem option when you order. Just remember you don't need to add any extra to your measurements for your hem; we'll do it for you.

Remember to only give us your exact measurements; don't make any deductions or additions for your chosen finish.

If you want to order a double track, call us and we'll make it happen.

Design and order

Our hints and tips

Want to know our top tips for measuring up like a pro?

  • Give us your measurements in millimetres (mm)
  • Double check all of your measurements before you order
  • Always write down 'width' and 'drop' next to your measurements, so you don't reverse them by accident!
  • Only give us the exact measurements we ask for. Our team custom makes your curtains to fit your windows.
  • Our team makes standard deductions to your drop to account for your chosen look and tracks, so you don't have to.
  • Measure every window. The beauty of each house is that each window may have slight variations in size and we want all your curtains to fit perfectly.
  • We know every home is unique and we're just a phone call away if you need to chat: 1300 918 390
  • For help deciding on a curtain fit you can email a photo of you window(s) to our team:

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