• 1 Sliding Doors | Recess Fit

    A Recess Fit is where the blind will sit inside the window frame.

    Most sliding doors do not have enough depth to allow you to mount the blind inside the recess. You will need to have at least 60mm, although you can get away with a minimum of 30mm, allowing the blind to project forward out of the recess into the room. We also recommend using only one blind when recessing. If you have two blinds, you must make sure the blind beside the door is not in the down position when opening the door. Otherwise, it may get easily damaged.


    Scan the entire surface area the blind will cover. Ensure there is nothing that will interfere with the blind either descending smoothly or sitting up when fully drawn. If anything protrudes, we highly recommend opting for a Face Fit.

    1. Ensure there is a minimum depth of 30mm within the recess.
    2. Measure the width from the inner edge of your window frame to the opposite edge. We recommend measuring across the top, middle and bottom of every window to cater for any anomalies. Record the smallest measurement to ensure the blind ts within the recess.
    3. Measure the drop from the inside of the top of your window frame to the floor.
  • 2 Sliding Doors | Face Fit

    Face t is where the blind will be mounted on the wall and will cover the total window area. You have the option of having one or two blinds. You can either have one blind that covers both windows (A). Or you can have two blinds that cover the two windows separately (B1 & B2).


    You have the option of mounting one or two blinds.


    1. Measure the width from the outer edge of the frame from left to right (A).
    2. Measure the drop from outside the top frame to where you want the blind to finish.


    1. For the rst blind measure the width from the outer left side of the frame to the center of the mid panel (B1). For the second blind repeat and measure from the outer right side of the frame to the center of the mid panel (B2). Note: not all panels are even and simply halving the overall width may cause miss alignment between the two blinds and the two window panels. It is always better to measure each panel separately.
    2. Measure the drop form outside the top frame to where you want the blind to nish.
    3. When selecting chain controls online we recommend placing the control on the left for the left blind and on the right for the right blind.

Measuring for Sliding Doors

  1. Always use a metal tape measure.
  2. Always write down your measurements, indicating the width and drop. Take extra care to ensure you
    don’t reverse them.
  3. Double-check all your measurements. We don’t refund or replace items due to inaccurate measurements.
  4. There is no need to shorten your measurement to allow for clearance. We’ll take that into account. All we need from you is the exact measurement.
  5. We require all measurements in millimetres.
  6. Measure every window, as they may have slight variations that will prevent your window furnishing from fitting perfectly.

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