The perfect furnishing for sliding doors or any outspread windows, Panel Glide blinds are attractive and easy to operate. With multiple track and panel options you can customise your blinds to sit and operate in harmony with your sliding doors without any gaps or compromised light block.


Panel Glide Blinds require the track to go past the window frame to enable the panels to clear the glass when open, letting more light in and not hindering your view. For this reason Panel Glide Blinds can be only Face Fitted to allow for this overhang.

Measuring Your Windows

  • Measure the Width - A

    Measure the exact outside width of your window frame.

  • Measure the Drop - B

    Measure the height of your window frame from the top to where you’d like your blind to finish.

    For windows off the ground it’s a good idea to finish 50-100mm below the bottom of the frame to allow for total clearance.

    For full length windows it’s a good idea to measure to 10mm off the floor.

  • Measure either side of the window - C

    Measure the clearance you have either side of the window. It’s a good idea to leave 300-600mm on the side on which you intend to have them stack when open.

Essential Measuring Tips

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 918 390
  • For help deciding on a fit, email a photo of you window(s) to
  • Use metal tape measure
  • Provide measurements in millimetres
  • Double check all of your measurements
  • Specify width and drop when writing your measurements to ensure you don’t reverse them
  • Only provide the exact measurements, do not make deductions to allow clearance
  • Measure every window as they may have slight variations that will prevent your blinds from fitting perfectly