Face Fit Only

Roman Blinds can only be face fitted

Measuring Your Windows

  • A - Measure the Width

    Start by measuring the width from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge.

  • B - Measure the Drop

    Measure the drop from the top of the architrave to where you want the blind to finish.

    For shorter drop window’s we recommend that you take the blind 50-100mm below the sill. Watch for any obstructions such as a desk or bed.

    For full length windows we recommend that you measure to 20mm off the floor. This will give enough clearance and allow the blind to have room to settle overtime. For drops over 2410mm we recommend a 30mm clearance from the floor.

  • C - Measure above the architrave

    We recommend that you add 100-150mm to the drop of the blind so you can mount the blind above the architrave. This will allow the entire window to be visible when the roman blind is fully raised, allowing for maximum light.

  • D - Measure each side of the architrave

    We recommend that you add 40-100mm each side of the architrave. This will help reduce the gap at the side of the blind, providing better light control and more privacy.

Essential Measuring Tips

  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 918 390
  • For help deciding on a fit, email a photo of you window(s) to info@diyblinds.com.au
  • Use metal tape measure
  • Provide measurements in millimetres
  • Double check all of your measurements
  • Specify width and drop when writing your measurements to ensure you don’t reverse them
  • Only provide the exact measurements, do not make deductions to allow clearance
  • Measure every window as they may have slight variations that will prevent your blinds from fitting perfectly