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Fitting Types

Plantation Shutters are available in both face fit and recess fit. Please note that the minimum recommended depth of a window recess is 60mm.

  • Recess Fit

    A window frame depth of 60mm is required for the Shutters to sit flush and operate effectively; if there are obstructions such as window winders or handles there needs to be 60mm depth from that obstruction.

    A minimum depth of 30mm is required, however this will result in the Shutters protruding from the recess.

    Always provide window measurements in full, as our factory will make the deductions to allow for the blind to fit the recess.

  • Face Fit

    The front of the Shutter frame will sit approximately 60mm from the face of the window frame.

Dimensions and features

Width min-max 300mm - 3000mm

Height min-max 450mm - 2500mm

Tilt Rod Hidden

Louvre Shape Elliptical

Louvre width 89mm

Louvre thickness 11mm

Midrail required over 1500mm height (1x midrail), over 2100mm height (2x midrails)

Frame options

  • Small L Frame
  • Medium L Frame
  • Z Frame
  • T-Post
  • 90° Corner Post
  • 45° Bay Post
  • U Channel


Material: Polymer Composite (polyresin) with an Aluminium Core

Craftsmanship: Our PolyLux Shutters are made here in Australia and undergo a rigorous quality control process

Time frame: 7 working days

Warranty: 20 years

  • Australian Made Certificate

  • PolyLux Shutters Emission Test Certificate - DIYBlinds


General dusting and wiping is suitable and recommended to keep your shutters clean.

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