• Stylish modern look
  • Cord lock or chain driven
  • Low maintenance
  • Provide maximum privacy
  • Great insulation ability

Fabric Styles

Blockout fabrics offer the ultimate level of privacy, day and night while helping to insulate the room. Blockout fabrics offer room darkening capabilities. They are ideal for bedrooms and home theatre/ TV rooms.

PLEASE NOTE: Roman Blinds may have a small amount of light coming through the sewing lines of the blind. The weight of larger blinds will emphasise the amount of light that can pass through these small holes. We use market leading manufacturing technology to minimise the size of all sewing holes.

Light Filtering
Light Filtering fabrics screen out harsh light, but do not allow a view through. They bring texture or patterns to light coming into a room whilst providing daytime and night time privacy.

Sunscreen fabrics allow for heat and light control while maintaining your view. Perfect for reducing glare and heat in a room exposed to the sun. Layer with Blockout fabrics for night time privacy.

Minimum & Maximum Sizes Available
Width: 300mm – 2700mm (restrictions apply to some fabrics)
Height: 600mm – 2700mm

Oversized Blinds

Please note: All blind widths over 2700mm are considered oversized. Although we utilise the latest technologies in manufacturing, blinds of this size run the risk of a slight wavering to the fabric along the pockets. This is considered standard for sewn pocket roman blinds of these dimensions and is not considered a manufacturing fault. As a result no warranty claim against this aspect of the product will be considered.


We do not offer Roman Blinds with a recess mount option and recommend that blinds are to be face mounted only. This is standard practice within the Australian Soft Furnishing industry for the following reasons:

  • The cord control for a Roman Blind sits behind the fabric. Therefore if a Roman Blind is installed in a recess it would be necessary to push the fabric of the blind to one side in order to access the cord. Over time this will cause damage to your Roman Blind.
  • The fabric of a Roman Blind will take time to settle and if installed within a recess will over time become too long for the recess.
  • Most windows aren’t square and a Roman Blind installed in a recess will most likely look crooked and without an even gap on its sides.

Please Note

If you purchase a Roman Blind with the intention of installing in a window recess it will not be covered by our 5 Year Warranty for any of the reasons listed above.


  • Do not use cleaning products to clean your blinds as they may damage the fabric or compromise the colour
  • General dusting is suitable and should be done regularly to maintain your blinds
  • For spot cleaning, remove as much dust as possible before wiping with a damp cloth


Our standard headboard for a Roman Blind is 40mm.

Dropping & Settling of Fabric
After installing your Roman Blind, it may appear that the drop is shorter than what was ordered. This is due to the fabric needing time to drop and settle out of the folds. The time it takes for a blind to drop and settle will be dependent upon the size and weight of the blind. In some cases this may take a few weeks to occur.

By following our measuring instructions you will ensure that your Roman Blinds will fit as desired.

Lining up blinds

  • Blind Alignment

    The drop of the blind determines the size of the pockets on a Roman Blind. For this reason, if you have multiple Roman Blinds in the same room with di erent drop lengths and would like the pockets to match, you will need to select this option in the order section for Roman Blinds. This will mostly result in a smaller pocket at the bottom of the shorter Roman Blinds.

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