The realm of interior design is gearing up for a significant shift in 2024 as homeowners increasingly seek to reintroduce character and softness into their living spaces.

This year signifies a departure from the stark, minimalist aesthetics that have dominated previous years, heralding a new era of warmth and personality in home design. Leading design studios, such as Studio McGee, are at the forefront of this movement, encouraging a return to comfort and character in interior decor. This change is vividly reflected in the resurgence of traditional window treatments, but with a modern reinterpretation to fit contemporary homes.

Lucy Smart, a Senior Design Consultant at, shares her insights on the window treatment trends shaping this welcoming transformation.

“The ongoing trend towards transitional styles is prompting a move towards natural, softer elements in interior design. We're seeing a marked preference for textured linens in warm whites, beiges, and neutrals, moving away from the past decades minimalist black, white, and grey. The resurgence of Roman blinds and curtains is a clear indication of this shift,” Lucy notes, highlighting the evolving preferences in window furnishing."

Lucy Smart - Designer Consultant -

Roman Blinds: The Epitome of Elegance and Softness

Soft Roman Blinds

Soft Roman Blinds
are emerging as a key element in this new trend, having undergone a significant makeover from their old-fashioned reputation. These blinds blend practicality and are custom-made from textured, sheer linen-like fabrics. They are an ideal choice for adding a layer of softness and warmth to rooms where sheer curtains might not be practical, making them a go-to option for the upcoming year.

Double Curtains and Decorative Rods Make a Comeback

Besides Roman blinds, there's a renewed interest in double curtains and decorative statement rods. These elements aren't just functional; they're integral to a room's character, adding a sense of playfulness and personal style, especially when combined with patterned fabrics and unique finials. Talk to one of our design consultants to shop beyond our core range and customise according to your style and needs.

A Shift in Color Palettes

The transformation in window treatment styles is complemented by a change in colour preferences. The emerging popularity of natural, warmer tones reflects a desire for a more inviting and organic atmosphere in homes.

Embracing Softness and Character

The window treatment trend for 2024 is about more than just a change in design choices; it represents a broader movement towards creating living spaces that are personal, comfortable, and full of character.

As we move away from minimalist aesthetics, the resurgence of traditional elements like Roman blinds, double curtains, and decorative rods, coupled with warm, natural colour palettes, reflects a growing desire for more personalised, inviting living spaces.where softness and personality are celebrated.

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