We’ve given tonnes of hot tips about how to dress the windows in your homely little havens, but what about the work environment? Windows are a major focal point of any office and they play a key part in setting the ambience of your work space. By getting this part of your interior design right, you can actually help improve the mood and increase the productivity of your workers. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well, let us show you how with some nifty little hints…

Banish computer screen glare without sacrificing your views.

Sunscreen roller blinds are the perfect solution for this. They function to restrict sun rays bouncing off monitors, therefore heavily reducing the eyestrain on your employees, while still maintaining those views of big wide skies that are essential motivation-boosters for your workers.

Keep private areas just that – private.

While sunscreen blinds are great for preserving your views, they admittedly don’t offer much privacy. This is where double roller blinds are super handy. By installing a double roller blind consisting of a sunscreen blind and a blockout blind, you can give your office the options of providing ultimate privacy for meeting rooms and boardrooms while still delivering sweeping views of the city.

Reflect the mood and culture of your business.

All elements of interior design contribute to the feel of your office, working together to communicate your business’s vibes to your clients. Colours such as light browns and blue-whites can provide a warm, comfortable and calming atmosphere and are therefore ideal for offices with long working hours. On the other hand, blinds in bold, striking tones can promote vigour and energy in the office and convey a highly-dynamic atmosphere.

Minimise your use of artificial light and in turn boost your employees’ energy levels.

It has been proven that too much exposure to artificial lighting can actually affect how much cortisol – the chemical that deals with stress – is produced by your body. When stuck working in a room that lacks sunlight, you will have less energy, make more mistakes, and find your attention frequently wavering. Sunscreen and Venetian blinds can allow all that valuable daylight to enter your work space and give your employees those vitamin D-rich benefits their bodies need.

Enhance the professional look and appeal of your office.

By choosing stylish window treatments that have been constructed of the highest-quality fabrics and materials, you can complement the overall professional tone of your office. Curate your corporate culture today with Australian-crafted, tailor-made blinds for your office from DIY Blinds.