Not too long ago we got a call from our happy customer Phillip. He ordered a bunch of roller blinds for his new beach house on the Mornington Peninsula and just wanted to tell us how satisfied he was with the result. After sending us through a picture of his newly-renovated abode, we couldn’t resist making it the poster job for DIY Blinds. As a result, we sent our photographers down and captured some amazing shots of his home.

Block out the sun's rays without losing your beautiful beachside views

The modern design of the house, with its large western-facing windows, was brilliantly complemented by a number of double roller blinds. By combining Black Vividshade sunscreen fabric with Boa Serengetti blockout, Phillip was able to achieve a multi-functional window covering that looks beautiful and contemporary but also caters to both daytime and night time activities.

The sunscreen blind cuts out the harsh afternoon sun whilst maintaining the stunning panoramic view across Port Phillip Bay, enabling Phillip to soak up those incredible sunsets. Then, once the sun has melted into the horizon and night begins to fall, the blockout blind provides maximum privacy, creating a cosy coastal nook.

Fabrics boasting gorgeous costal hues, textures and designs

The chunky Serengetti fabric perfectly intertwines with the texture of the lounge/ entertaining area, while the deep Boa grey is a striking backdrop for the modern, bold pops of colour in the kitchen area.

Meanwhile, the finer Vividshade sunscreen material perfectly complements the blockout blind while the striking black colour matches the contemporary feel of the whole house.

Building blinds to bedazzle

We just love this project. We gain so much gratification in knowing how happy our products make our clients and witnessing the way they transform homes. Million-dollar beach views framed with sophisticated window trimmings at a fraction of the regular price? Yes please.

If you need some design inspiration for your new home or latest renovation project, feel free to give us a call and have a chat with our expert design consultants. We’ll make some recommendations and send you a free sample pack to help you make the final decisions.