Let’s face it – bathrooms can be a headache to design. Often they are small, compact spaces plastered in tiled floors that are faced with moisture on a daily basis and are limited in natural sources of light. As a result, they have the tendency to feel dark, boxed in and uninviting.

Choosing any furnishing to invigorate the atmosphere of your bathroom can be tricky, but choosing a window treatment for this particular area can be even trickier. It is the most private room in the house, and one where the air is often full of ever-changing levels of moisture that unfortunately many materials simply cannot withstand.

In the past, timber Venetian blinds have been a popular option for many Australian bathrooms as they offer adequate levels of privacy, sufficient light control, and quite frankly, are aesthetically-striking. However, timber is also one of those substances that does an excellent job of absorbing moisture from the air. No matter what kind of treatment you coat them with or how often you apply it, over time timber blinds tend to warp and lose their shape.

So, what's the solution?

Well, luckily there are certain kinds of blinds that have proven to get the job done efficiently and stylishly. Ensure appropriate levels of privacy? Check. Resist the absorbance of moisture? You got it. Provide class and sophistication to your space while letting in generous volumes of light to create an open, airy atmosphere? Absolutely.

The DIY Blinds store offers three key options for helping you to get the most out of your bathroom blinds without sacrificing on design or functionality:

1) PolyLux Plantation Shutters. Shutters are ideal for places of high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens. They are guaranteed to never fade, bleach, peel or blister. They also add value to your home.

2) Visionwood Venetian Blinds. These blinds function and feel the same as their timber counterpart with a few additional advantages. Visonwood is made of compressed plastics so it is resistant to moisture whilst being conveniently lightweight and therefore easy to install. Furthermore, these blinds cost substantially less than traditional timber Venetian blinds, making them a win-win solution.

3) DIY Roller Blinds. A number of our DIY Roller Blind fabrics are made from 100% polyester materials (these include Focus, Kew, Solar View and Vividshade amongst others). When layering a blockout fabric with a sunscreen fabric, a double roller blind can offer maximum light and privacy control whilst still giving your bathroom that stylish touch you are after.

No need to squander in poky, dark wet areas anymore - brighten up your bathroom today the DIY way.