Making that decision about how your blinds will sit against your window can undeniably be a tough and long-deliberated process.

Recess fits and face fits roller blinds each offer their unique benefits in terms of light blockage and aesthetic appeal, meaning there is no general blanket approach you can apply when determining which will best complement your room.

However, many home decorators are now reaching the ultimate compromise on that decision, choosing to incorporate both styles into the one window.

I know what you’re thinking – sounds like one big oxymoronic mess, right? Let us explain how it works…

How to roll a recess fit and a face fit into one

For two fits, you’re naturally going to need two blinds. Hence, this stylistic option is really only available if you’re working with double roller blinds.

Double roller blinds are already vastly popular thanks to their dual functionality, but this new twist on the way they are hung provides an even greater platter of bonuses for home-dwellers. The most common option is to recess fit a sunscreen roller blind, and then face fit a blockout roller blind on top. Why? Let’s take a quick look at the cavalcade of benefits this offers:

  • Greater light coverage. A recess fit blind on its own will leave a small chink of light to enter the room. By placing a face fitted blind on top, you are effectively optimising your light coverage to therefore ensure ultimate privacy.
  • Neat, compact set-up. Maybe you’re asking, ‘why not just go for a face fit for both blinds?’, but doing this will create a bulkier end result. If you’re after that really sleek and minimal touch while maintaining that all-important light coverage, incorporating both fits is ideal.
  • More diverse control. Obviously, having both kinds of fits means you have much more control over the actual functionality of your blinds. Leave your recess-fitted sunscreen blind closed during the day to let the light flow freely and keep the views unobstructed, then draw your blockout roller blind shut at night to create those cosy vibes.

So there you have it – how to get the best of both worlds when it comes to your blinds. Recess-fit/face-fit double roller blinds prove that breaking the rules can sometimes pay off for all the right reasons, giving you the ultimate luxury in terms of functionality and style.