The curtains you choose can make a big difference to how your home looks and feels. Not only can they provide light control, privacy and insulation, they can also bring texture and softness to a space.

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Discover the different types of curtains for your home:

Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains provide privacy and will also make the room totally dark when drawn. They’re made from a single blockout fabric and come on one curtain track. All our blockout curtain fabrics feature silicone or three layers of acrylic coating, which both offer good thermal insulation.

Great for: Bedrooms, media rooms, living areas or anywhere you want light control or privacy.

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The DIY Blinds Way

Our fabric ranges include a range of exclusive colour options and offer something for everyone. Unsure of which colour to select? Talk to one of our Design Consultants to get a personalised recommendation.

Double curtains

Double curtains provide two barriers for window insulation. They also allow you to control light and add some texture to your space. They’re made from a sheer curtain and a blockout curtain, both sewed separately. Our double curtains come with two curtain tracks, and are installed on individual tracks so they can be operated independently, making them very flexible. Keep sheers closed during the day to diffuse bright light and bring a softness to the room. When you want a dark environment, just close the blockouts, too.

Great for: Bringing a luxe look to a bedroom while also insulating it.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All of our curtains are made to order so you can get the perfect fit. When ordered online, we make curtains up to 8 metres wide with a maximum 4.2 metre drop, so they fit the biggest of windows or sliding glass doors. We even have curved curtains to run around corner windows or sliding doors. If you're looking for something outside of our online capabilities, book an online design consultation to talk to us about the possibilities.

Lined curtains

Lined curtains are made from sheer curtain fabric backed by blockout fabric. They’re sewn together at the top, and both fabrics are hung on the same track. They have good insulation properties, totally block light, and help reduce outside noise and improve acoustics in a room, too. They bring a textured, high-end feel to a space.

Great for: Living spaces, bedrooms, media rooms or anywhere you need to block light and noise.

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The DIY Blinds way

At DIY Blinds, you can choose from three different finishes of curtains.

Just off the floor: These give a classic finish. They work well if you have kids or pets or if your home has hard floors as they will collect less dust and dirt when you open and close them.

Touching the floor: Just touching the floor is a great look if your floors and ceiling are parallel. It looks high-end, but may not be suitable in front of a sliding or bifold door.

Puddled: We add a 20cm drop to your curtains so they gather elegantly on the floor. This lends the room a contemporary, luxe look.

Curtain finish options

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are the ideal way to add texture to a room while also softening and filtering the external light. However, they won’t provide privacy. Leave them closed during the day to create a dappled-light effect in your space.

Great for: Bringing atmosphere and texture to a space that doesn’t need privacy or light control.

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DIY Blinds recommends

If you like the look of sheer curtains but still need privacy or light control in a room, pair them with a light-filtering or sunscreen blind to get the best of both worlds.

Different curtain headings

At DIY Blinds you can customise your curtain heading to get exactly the right look for your space.

S Fold

S Fold curtains form a structured S shape. The fabric drapes beautifully, creating clean vertical lines to the ceiling that give the illusion of height. This culminates in a modern, luxurious finish.

Double pinch pleat

This traditional heading is pinched in groups of two. It gives a classic look and is great in period homes.

Triple pinch pleat

This looks almost the same as a double pinch pleat, but the fabric is pinched in groups of three to give a slightly more delicate look.

Pencil pleat

This neat flat-stitched heading has similar folds to an S Fold curtain. The fabric is tightly gathered at the top and looks like a row of pencils. It works well on rear curtains when they’re combined with S Fold curtains in front of them.

Knife pleat

This has a neat, flat-stitched heading. The fabric is gathered and pressed flat in uniform pleats. It’s an excellent finish for rear curtains when S Fold curtains are sitting in front of it.

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