Roman blinds have long been one of the most popular varieties of window blinds after they first came into fruition some 2,000 years ago. Originally designed purely to protect open windows from the dust kicked up by horse-drawn carriages and carts trotting down the pre-paved streets of Ancient Rome, residents soon discovered that these innovative designs could also keep out the powerful Mediterranean sun. Thus, the Roman blind was born.

As per the long-entrenched Italian habit of turning basic home furnishings into elaborately ornate décor, designers began getting inventive and experimenting with different embellishments. Strings were fitted in between strips of material to allow the blinds to be lowered and raised by the pull of a drawstring. This way, residents had more control over light filtration. Over time, new styles were brought in and different fabrics were implemented into the design, including wooden slats, but the basic structure always remained the same.

Being experts in the business, we know that this style of window covering hasn’t simply been passed down for so many generations for no reason – we recognise the many benefits of Roman blinds and have therefore incorporated a range of designs into our online store. While these can often be one of the more expensive types of blinds on the market, our easy DIY solutions make them highly affordable and convenient to install on your own.

Highlights of our DIY Roman blinds

  • Stylish modern or traditional look
  • Cord lock or chain driven operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Provide maximum privacy
  • Great insulation abilities

Which style suits my home?

For modern homes, flatter fabrics such as Kew can blend well with bright plain walls. Alternatively, the flickered pattern of a fabric such as Barbados can bring texture and volume to contrast in the same situation.

For more traditional home, fabrics such as Riviera and Balmoral create warmth and texture and are able to balance the presence of heavier contemporary style furniture.

What are you waiting for? Invest in Roman blinds today!

Thanks to their timeless quality, elegant sophistication and proven functionality, Roman blinds have become a staple in many homes all over the world these days. Add a stylish decorator finish to the most traditional or modern homes and provide a casual and contemporary solution to furnishing your windows.