Handy tips for keeping blinds fresh and clean

As with many things in life, looking good comes with a bit of maintenance. Sleek and chic window treatments are no different; however, a few simple tricks-of-the-trade can set you on the right pathway towards ensuring sparkling clean and super pristine blinds for a beautiful home.

Dust it off. Venetian Visionwood and aluminimium blinds can be efficiently cleaned by applying a dusting detergent or enzyme spray to the slats to loosen the dust, then running a lamb’s wool duster over each individual slat, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom.

Suck it up. Ensure dust-free Roman blinds, roller blinds and panel blinds by regularly vacuuming the shades with a dust brush attachment at a low setting.

Keep on rolling. Another nifty way to maintain fabric blinds is by giving them a once-over with a lint roller every fortnight or so to pick up dust, fluff and cobwebs.

Wipe spots and soils. When spot cleaning soiled areas, simply use baby wipes or a microfiber cloth moistened with a little water and very gently rub onto the spot. To avoid discolouration dry the affected area with an electric fan afterwards.

Put a sock on it. For a handy way to get a deeper cleanse, simply dip a clean sock into a bucket filled with warm water and sugar soap, wring it out, put the sock on your hand and proceed to slide over your blinds.

Blast away. The structure of honeycomb blinds can often cause a bit of confusion when it comes to effectively cleaning them. By blasting a hair dryer set to ‘cool’ onto the shades, you can easily blow away any dirt or bugs trapped within the creases.

Spring clean your slats. For those one-off deep, thorough cleanses, aluminium blinds can be removed from their window hardware and repeatedly dipped in and out of a bathtub filled with warm water and a squirt of mild dish detergent. Empty the dirty water and rinse away the soap suds in a tub of clean water to prevent spotting, then lay your washed blinds side-by-side on old towels to dry.

Go enviro-friendly. Get your environmentally-conscious on and lap up the sun by taking your aluminium blinds outside to clean. Simply lay them on the grass, squirt with a dollop of soap and spray with the garden hose, then flip and repeat. If necessary, you can scrub at grease and grime stains using a soft nylon brush. Once given a final rinse with clear water, hang your blinds on the clothesline to dry.