Big windows bring light, drama and a sense of scale to a room. While a nice view is there to be enjoyed, most of us want the option of window coverings, whether for privacy, insulation or simply to make the room feel cosy. The right large window covering can turn an adequate space into a seriously luxe one. Here’s what to think about when you’re choosing how to cover a large window or door.

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What should I consider when choosing large window coverings?

It’s important to think about what you want your window covering to achieve:

Function: Large windows need a covering that’s simple to operate – that means curtains with easy pulls, blinds with straightforward controls, or motorised curtains or blinds that do the work for you.

Style: Consider whether you want a feature item that draws attention to the window or something subtle that blends in with the space. Curtains can bring a soft, elegant look to a room when they’re hung over a large window or door, while blinds can look neat and streamlined when covering a large expanse of glass. If you’re after an understated look, opt for subtle tones such as pale grey, beige or a light colour with a warm undertone.

Insulation: Large windows and doors can make it hard to insulate rooms effectively. Some window coverings will be more effective than others at insulating a space and keeping cold or heat out; face-fit blinds, or curtains over the top of blinds will all give excellent insulation.

Privacy: Large windows can be beautiful to look through, but don’t always afford you much privacy. Light-filtering blinds provide daytime privacy while still letting in light. At DIY Blinds, our sunscreen blinds block 95% of UV rays, and are ideal for reducing glare and heat while still maintaining a view.

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Which window coverings are best for my large windows?


If you’re looking for a softer aesthetic for a room, curtains are an ideal covering for large windows or doors. Lined Curtains are great for insulation, while sheer curtains lend the space a soft, textured look. Curtains can also be a great way to disguise uneven walls or floors. At DIY Blinds, we make curtains up to 8 metres wide with a 4.2 metre drop, so they fit even the biggest of windows. Plus, if you have a bigger window, we can custom-make curtains to suit your home. Pairing curtains with a functional Roller Blind adds flexibility to your room. The blind can give a blockout or light-filtering effect, while the curtains add some subtle texture on top.

Great for: Adding texture and softness to a room.

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The DIY Blinds Way

If you have corner windows, DIY Blinds can help. Our Curved Curtains hang from curved tracks and are made to fit perfectly into 90-degree corners. They come with one or two bends, but if your space requires more than that, DIY Blinds can custom-make a track with as many bends as you need.

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Linked Roller Blinds

For ease of use on large windows or doors, you can’t beat Linked Roller Blinds. These sit side-by-side across the window, and reduce the gap between the blinds sitting next to each other. They operate via one control but can be moved individually, giving you total flexibility over how you use them, so you can have part of the window covered and the other left open.

Great for: Easy flexible use on sliding doors or large windows in any room.

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The DIY Blinds Way

At DIY Blinds, our Linked Roller Blinds can be custom-made up to 12 metres wide, and we offer motorised options for any blinds over 600mm wide. All of our Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds and Linked Roller Blinds can be purchased with a hand-drawn chain or a motorised system. Motorised roller blinds come with the motor already fitted into the blind.

Roller Blinds

Streamlined, subtle and cost-effective, Roller Blinds are a good option for large windows or doors, although you’ll probably need a few lined up to cover a big space.

Great for: Rooms with large windows or doors where you want versatility and a sleek look.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All our Roller Blinds and Linked Blinds come in different fabrics for different functions. Our light-filtering blinds are ideal for living areas and provide a soft light without darkening the room. They provide limited daytime privacy and total night-time privacy. Our sunscreen blinds block 95% of UV rays. Ideal for reducing glare and heat while maintaining a view, they also allow for daytime privacy. If you have a large door or window in a bedroom or a room that requires darkness, our blockout blinds provide both privacy and great insulation from outside temperatures.

Panel Glide Blinds

These are a modern version of vertical blinds, and are ideal for covering large windows or doors. Panel Glide Blinds are made from overlapping fabric panels that are operated by one control. The fabric panels slide along a track, meaning they also work well to break up spaces, or act as room dividers. Available in light-filtering, sunscreen or blockout blinds, our Panel Glide Blinds come with tracks that extend past the window frame, enabling the panels to clear the glass and let in more light when they’re open.

Great for: Separating a room from a different area while still offering light and privacy control. For example, your sliding door can be open and the Panel Glide Blinds closed, creating a barrier between indoors and outdoors while still letting air in.

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Plantation Shutters

For a striking look that’s also highly functional, Plantation Shutters are the way to go. You can have several shutters across large windows, allowing you to open and close individual shutters as you choose. They’re excellent paired with curtains to give you softness and texture as well as functional benefits such as privacy, light control and insulation.

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The DIY Blinds Way

Our PolyLux® shutters are durable, washable, VOC free, and pet- and child-friendly. They won’t bleach or blister when exposed to intense UV rays and are aesthetically beautiful. This quality is reflected by a 20-year warranty.

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