Watch this short video to learn how to dress your designer curtains like a pro.

Your folds will look voluminous and plush and they'll hold their beautiful shape. Let's go!

How to dress your curtains.

Create soft, structured folds the easy way.

In this 2 minute video (see above) Ania shows us how to dress S fold curtains with love and care, so you can treasure them forever. Founders of Zephyr + Stone, Ania and Kasia are such experts in transforming homes. Their projects ooze style and tranquility. And they love using curtains to add softness and texture to rooms.

"When you first hang your curtains, you need to dress them. It encourages your fabric to fall into rounded, even folds."

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Summary of Ania's curtain dressing tips.

Don't forget to watch the short video (see above) to see exactly how it's done.

  1. Wash your hands before you start, as you're about to get touchy feely with your fabric.
  2. Hang your curtains. Then start to create nice rounded folds. Fold the heading tape forwards into your room then backwards behind the track to create an S shape. Repeat the S shape folding pattern along the entire length of your curtain.
  3. Stack your curtains back. Run your hands firmly down each fold or pleat from top to bottom, starting at one end.
  4. Starting at one end, fold the curtain onto itself and into an S shape. Shake gently back and forth. Repeat this step at the top, middle and bottom of your curtain.
  5. Don't move your curtains for 24 hours if possible, so your fabric memory can form. This is important for linen curtains as natural fibres tend to have a greater memory than polyester.
  6. Let creases fall out naturally rather than ironing. Sunlight and warmth are enough for most creases to iron out on their own. Gently steam after 2 weeks if there are still creases.
  7. Sit back and enjoy your beautiful curtains. You've just added texture, softened light and created effortless luxury in your home!
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