Finding that perfect fusion between classy modern design flavoured by quirky industrial characteristics can be tricky. It’s very easy to get a little too enthusiastic and infuse so many right-but-wrong elements into your space that it becomes a confusing mish-mash of styles.

With the industrial trend being so hot in home design right now, plenty of people are jumping on the bandwagon without really doing their research. Rather than achieving that raw but luxe look you see through the glossy pages of interior magazines, the final result often ends up being a cluttered space resembling a hoarder’s den. Here are a few simple ways to help guide you through your industrial makeover.

Shine bright with metallics

Predominant metal surfaces are a key hallmark to the industrial trend. Silver, chrome and pewter are particular favourites, achieving that subtle hint of steampunk sass. Opt for a giant gilded mirror to casually lean against the wall, or choose beautiful oversized metal domes to cover your ceiling lights. Make sure you give your metal surfaces a spotless clean and thorough polish to evoke a rich gleam and a bejewelled sense of luxury.

Incorporate timber accents, but avoid going shabby

To balance out the glossy metallics, industrial chic requires a hearty dose of rich, raw wooden surfaces. However, many aspiring industrial-space owners make the mistake of hitting their local op shops and over-indulging in ancient objects complete with peeling paint. While a few rustic pieces here and there are encouraged, you still want to stay classy and stylish. Try oversized wooden dining tables with Scandinavian-inspired trestle legs or minimalistic timber-and-chrome shelving units.

Make the most of your lighting sources

Rooms with big open spaces, high ceilings and large-scale windows are the perfect arenas to inject industrial chic. Venetian blinds are ideal for achieving that clean, streamlined look that aligns with this signature trend – choose sleek aluminium shades for floor-to-ceiling windows or timber slats for a softened look on smaller areas. Bonus points for rooms with rooftop sunlights and exposed beams!

Splurge on quirky feature pieces

Once you’ve established the skeleton design of your room, you can start to have a bit of fun. Relish that characteristic charm that forms the heart of industrial chic with décor gems such as vintage corded telephones, old typewriters, exposed Edison light bulbs, and gramophones. Pieces of upcycled wooden pallet furniture are also a big plus for those who are a little bit thrifty and nifty.