If you love the idea of basking in a room bathed in soft light, rather than drawing curtains against the harsh glare of the sun, light filtering blinds are for you. Also known as translucent blinds, these window coverings allow natural light into your space while gently diffusing it. They also provide daytime privacy while still letting light in.

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How do light filtering blinds work?

Light filtering blinds are made from sheer or coarsely woven materials that allow a certain amount of light to filter through. This gives a soft, translucent look that can add texture or patterns to a room. Because of the material used, they also provide daytime privacy. Think of them as similar to a privacy film on bathroom windows; people looking in won’t have full visibility, and if you’re looking out, objects will be seen as silhouettes.

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Why should I use light filtering blinds?

  • Reduce UV damage. Bright sunlight can cause damage to flooring and furniture, and cause artwork and books to yellow or become warped. Light filtering blinds reduce this exposure, helping protect your belongings.

  • Reduce energy costs. Rooms in full sunlight heat up your home quickly, increasing energy costs when it comes to cooling. Light filtering blinds can reduce the glare from the sun.

  • Better, clearer screen viewing. Glare from the sun can make it difficult to see computer or television screens. Light filtering blinds can improve screen visibility.

  • Screening without darkness. They help hide or cover unsightly views such as fences or brick walls.
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Are light filtering blinds the same as blockout blinds?

Blockout blinds provide complete privacy and make the room dark. They’re great at night or for creating a dark environment during the day. Light filtering blinds still allow light into the room, and are often used to cut the glare of the sun during the day.

Alternatives to light filtering blinds

At DIY Blinds, there’s another option, too. We offer a Sunscreen Blind, which provides increased daytime privacy without losing light. It blocks 95% of UV rays to limit fading, and is an ideal window covering for reducing heat and glare while still letting in some light.

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The DIY Blinds Way

Because we’re Australian Owned and Made, we understand why light filtering blinds are important. We can help you design, measure and install your blinds so you get the result you want.

How do I choose a light filtering blind?

Here’s what to think about when you’re choosing the right blinds or window coverings for privacy in your home.


Different fabrics allow for varying amounts of light to filter through, and offer a range of privacy levels. We have sleek fabrics such as Sanctuary (light filtering), for people who like to keep things minimal; while our Balmora (light filtering) fabric is slightly chunkier, with a horizontal, linear texture that adds dimension to your windows.


Make the most of natural light filtering through with lighter colours such as white, pale grey and beige. Shades of charcoal, black, and earthy tones darken the room slightly, making them particularly suitable for media rooms. Understated tones look great on large windows without overpowering the room. Our light filtering blinds come in a range of six fabrics, and 58 colours, so you can choose the perfect one for your home.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All of our light filtering blinds have a 4-star daytime privacy rating, and a 3 star nighttime privacy rating.

How should I install light filtering blinds?

For blinds to be effective, they need to be fitted, measured and installed correctly. Learn more here about the difference between recess and face-fit blinds and how to install to get the look you want. At DIY Blinds we give you all the guides and expertise to do it yourself at home. If you’re not feeling confident, we can help you design, measure and install your curtains. You can also book a free online design consultation for personalised advice.

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