One of the trickiest things many residents face when choosing to decorate their room with blinds is finding that perfect fabric colour. You want something that’s going to blend in with the space’s existing décor and complement the overall tone of your home. Walls, carpets, furnishings, artworks – it all comes into play when deciding which window treatments to invest in.

We have seen customers struggle over the years in this department, and have taken this into account to create our handy Dulux colour match range of fabrics. This way, we take the guessing part out of the equation when selecting blinds. Simply establish the colour of your wall paint and find the matching fabric. If you want to make your blinds a striking standout feature to show off your beautiful windows, our experts can guide you towards finding the right undertones to create a stunning contrast between your walls and your window coverings.

The hottest colours right now

In response to our customers’ needs, we recently refreshed the colour palette of our popular Focus range with the addition of 12 new on-trend colours. We worked collaboratively with our manufacturer and the Dulux team to match these new colours to the 12 most popular shades in the Dulux interior colour range, producing fabrics to match the corresponding wall paints:

Focus ColourDulux Colour
ChalkVivid White
ShellAntique White U.S.A.
PowderHog Bristle Half
AlmondHog Bristle
AshTimeless Grey
CoalWestern Myall
OysterSoft Beige
SmokeBlue Balm
DuckeggMilky Spearmint
FigMossman Gorge

Guarantee 100% certainty with free sample fabrics

Still worried about investing your money in the perfect window treatments? We offer free sample fabrics delivered to your door so you can gauge an idea of how the finished project will look.

Knowing that blinds are only one component of a home design, our customers now have the confidence to work off a consistent range of colours to bring an increased level of professionalism to all of their DIY projects.