Mornington One is a Mornington Peninsula home recently renovated by Kube Constructions to achieve three key objectives: to modernise the property in a sympathetic manner, create a relaxed coastal aesthetic, and strategically introduce natural light.

The high-end building and design company worked with the homeowner and DIY Blinds to facilitate this vision, selecting cohesive classic shutters, contemporary blinds, and designer curtains to strategically invite and filter natural light into the home.

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The importance of optimising natural light was immediately evident in this home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Kube Constructions achieved this and more in a renovation, introducing a light and relaxed material palette to the coastal home, and curated window furnishings.
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Director of Kube Constructions Marcus Elliott liaised with DIY Blinds early in the project regarding window furnishings appropriate to the style and feel of the home. “​They are the experts. They know the fabrics and what products are going to work, and what light works with certain fabrics and certain materials,” Marcus says.

The opportunity to create a brighter and more vibrant kitchen and living domain was firstly identified. This area opens to a central outdoor courtyard, with windows to interior rooms on three sides.

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Rather than select the same window furnishings in all three rooms, a combination of shutters, blinds, and curtains was recommended to tailor light throughout the day. Sheer Curtains in Burano Talc soften the kitchen and dining area; inconspicuous Blockout Roller Blinds in Kew Natural offer insulation and privacy; and Plantation Shutters in PolyLux Pure White frame the relaxed living areas on either side.

“We like the shutters because you can actually control the light that comes through,” says Marcus. “We also like that the two areas can be separated by the shutters; so if you want one area to be dark, you can close the shutters on one side, and on the other side, you can leave them open.

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“The curtains we like because of the privacy, but also because they actually add to the airflow. When you open up the space, it's light and breezy, and the fabric was really appealing.”

The same shutters appear in the bedrooms and bathrooms for a cohesive look in keeping with the renovated interiors. “Being able to use them throughout the house, from the front rooms to the back rooms and the bathrooms, was perfect. And the fact that they're water resistant, even better,” says Marcus.
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The shutters can also be viewed from behind the original home facade, enhancing the timeless home’s street appeal.

Kube Constructions encourages all clients (from homeowners to developers, interior designers, and architects) to seek expert guidance on window furnishings early in the design process. DIY Blinds can help identify the best style, mechanics and fabrics to suit your home, with the option of DIY or professional installation for metropolitan customers on the east coast. “They did a whole house full of shutters and blinds and were done within about 10 hours from start to finish,” says Marcus.

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Marcus couldn’t be happier with the finished renovation of Mornington One, which has instantly enriched the client’s lives.

“It has come out better than we could have ever expected. From the hallway when you walk in; all the way through to the girl’s bedroom in the back; as well as the shutters, windows, and blinds; every decision we feel has hit the right note.”
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