The right blinds, curtains and shutters can transform a room and even an entire home. Motorised blinds and curtains take things up a notch. Not only do they allow you to control everything from light to privacy, they also add to the overall style of your space.

Are motorised blinds and curtains worth it? Decide with the DIY Blinds pros and cons list.

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The pros of motorised blinds and curtains

Better security for your home

With a motorised system that’s integrated with one of our wi-fi hubs, you have maximum control over your home, wherever you are. Being able to automate the times your window coverings open and shut can make it look like someone is home, even when you’re overseas.

Improved insulation

Our integrated motorised systems can detect a change in temperature, and open and close the blinds and curtains accordingly to provide better insulation. This means you’re better able to keep the hot air out in summer, and the heat in during winter.

Safety in style

Removing the need for often unsightly chains to operate your window coverings also removes the risk to pets and young children. Motorised blinds and curtains look seamless and stylish against any door and window while also giving you extra peace of mind.

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The cons of motorised blinds and curtains

Higher Costs

Adding motorisation to new blinds and curtains or existing blinds comes at an extra cost. But because DIY Blinds partners exclusively with Somfy, one of the world’s leading motorisation experts, we can ensure that our Australian Made products are of the highest quality while still maintaining affordable prices. Here is what you can expect to pay.

  • Somfy remote control, from $90
  • Somfy Sonesse 30 WireFree Motor: RRP$436 Vs Our price $295
  • Smartphone integration with Somfy Connexoon Hub, $199 or Bond Bridge $195

Elevate your motorised blinds with smartphone integration. Pair your motorised blinds with a Somfy Connexoon Hub and install the - app on your smartphone to automate your window coverings.

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Not all blinds and curtains can be motorised

Existing curtains in your home can’t be retrofitted with a motor, and some styles of blinds aren’t able to be automated. The good news? DIY Blinds offers a huge range of blinds and curtains that can be custom-made, meaning that you can select the style, colour and fabric that best suits you, and have motors fitted at the production stage. Check out our range of curtains here. Check out our range of blinds here.

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The DIY Blinds Way

At DIY Blinds we give you all the expert guidance and support you need to install your motorised blinds and curtains at home yourself. If you’re not feeling confident, our experts are there to help. Book an online design consultation today to get some free advice.

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Expert advice

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