Plantation Shutters are a fantastic way to bring a luxe look to a space, as well as being versatile and functional. Plantation Shutters are solid window furnishings made from panels with rotating louvres that can be rotated 180° in either direction, allowing you to control light and privacy; they can also be angled to let in natural light and views.

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Our PolyLux® Plantation Shutters are 100% custom-made in Australia. They’re durable, washable, VOC free, and pet and child-friendly. They won’t bleach or blister when exposed to intense UV rays and are aesthetically beautiful. This quality is reflected by a 20-year warranty.

They come with just a seven work-day lead time, compared to most imported shutters which have an eight to ten week lead time. Our price beat guarantee means you get quality Australian Made shutters for the lowest price.

Discover some of the best design ideas for your Plantation Shutters in your home:

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Maximise light with Plantation Shutters

If you have small, narrow windows, our custom Plantation Shutters can be a clever way to maximise light. Our direct-mount shutters have no frame and attach directly onto the inside of your window frame or recess. If you have a frameless window, Plantation Shutters can be attached to wall studs. Because these don’t have a frame, they’re a great way to minimise the amount of shutter you need and let in as much light as possible.

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Get a classic look with Plantation Shutters

Face-fit Plantation Shutters sit outside the window frame, attaching to the part that faces into the room, and offering a classic look. Our Australian-Made custom Plantation Shutters are designed to the exact measurements of your existing window frame, and sit neatly over the top of it.

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Maximise period details with Plantation Shutters

Recess-fit shutters sit inside the window frame and are the gold-standard of shutter fits. They allow you to show off beautiful architraves or other period features, while also giving a sleek, seamless look. We recommend using an L frame where possible. This sits flush within the window, and gives a seamless finish that makes the shutter look as though it’s part of the window frame. Z frames are great for tiled, brick or uneven windows, as the frame lips over the edge of the window covering any imperfections. However, these can look cluttered and messy.

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Cover tricky window shapes with Plantation Shutters

If you’re out of design ideas for covering box, bay or corner windows, Plantation Shutters can provide the perfect solution. Our custom made PolyLux® shutters are ideal for corner windows. They give total light control, while still allowing a connection to the outside.

When it comes to box and bay window frames, DIY Blinds offers a range of panel layouts to exactly match your space, making the shutters functional as well as giving a bespoke designer look.

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The DIY Blinds Way

We supply made-to-measure 45- and 90-degree corner posts that form part of your sleek shutter frame. This creates a seamless finish for box, bay and corner windows.

Bring a stylish look to wet areas with Plantation Shutters

Fabric blinds in bathrooms, laundries or kitchens can get damp or absorb cooking odours.

Our PolyLux® Plantation Shutters can withstand humidity, heat and sunlight. They’re washable and totally water resistant, so you can install them directly next to a shower and they won’t be damaged. They’re ideal in bathrooms as you can angle the louvres to let light in, while still ensuring privacy. They’re also practical in kitchens as they’re easy to clean; simply use a damp cloth to gently wipe the louvres, and open the shutter panels to easily clean behind the shutters.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All DIY Blinds PolyLux® shutters have a 20-year warranty, so you can be sure you’re buying a high-quality product.

Create softness in a room with Plantation Shutters

Pairing Plantation Shutters with curtains is a stylish and practical design solution. Not only does this combination offer privacy, insulation and light control, it also adds softness and texture to a space. Curtains can help frame a window, as well as adding an extra layer of insulation.

Sheer curtains diffuse sunlight and add texture to a room. Leave them closed during the day over Plantation Shutters to create a luxe finish that bathes your room in filtered light.

Blockout curtains provide additional thermal insulation and total darkness, which Plantation Shutters won’t do on their own.

Lined Curtains give a cosy, luxe feel and provide extra insulation. The soft folds of fabric add texture to your space, and can also reduce street noise.

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Decorating ideas for Plantation Shutters

Match the tone of your curtains to your shutters to ensure you’re getting a cohesive look. Our Pure White shutters go well with cool-toned curtains such as a blue-grey or a crisp white. Warmer-toned shutters such as our Alpine White and Ivory options work well with warm greys, beiges and warm whites. If you’re choosing sheer curtains to go with Plantation Shutters, order samples and overlay the fabric against the shutter or wall to check how the curtain fabric colour will change.

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