Plantation Shutters bring a high-end look to a space, as well as being versatile and functional.

These solid window furnishings are made from panels with rotating louvres that allow you to control light and privacy while also letting in natural light.

Discover some of the benefits of Plantation Shutters, as well as some examples of when they might not be suitable for your home:

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The DIY Blinds Way

Our PolyLux® Plantation Shutters are 100% custom-made in Australia. They’re durable, washable, VOC Free, and pet and child friendly. They won’t bleach or blister when exposed to intense UV rays and are aesthetically beautiful. This quality is reflected by a 20-year warranty.

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Light control

Pros of Plantation Shutters: Plantation Shutters can help you maximise light in a room, especially if you have small, narrow windows. Our Plantation Shutters can be attached to frameless windows, which minimises the amount of shutter required and lets in as much light as possible. The louvres on the shutters can be rotated 180° in either direction,allowing you to control light and privacy; they can also be angled to let in natural light and views.

Cons of Plantation Shutters: Plantation Shutters won’t provide you with total darkness; this is best done by Blockout Curtains. If you like the look of Plantation Shutters but need total darkness in a room, pairing your shutters with curtains provides the best of both worlds.

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Privacy control

Pros of Plantation Shutters: Plantation Shutters are made up of rotating louvres that, when closed, offer complete privacy.

Cons of Plantation Shutters: When closed, Plantation Shutters also block out light and views, in and out. If you’re looking for privacy but still want to be able to see outside, our sunscreen blinds provide increased daytime privacy, while still allowing you to see out, without losing light. They also block 95% of UV rays and are ideal for reducing heat and glare while still letting in some light.

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Thermal insulation

Pros of Plantation Shutters: Any window covering offers some sort of thermal protection. Both face-fit shutters and recess-fit shutters minimise gaps around the window and help with insulation.

Cons of Plantation Shutters: If you need higher thermal insulation but like the look of Plantation Shutters, pair them with our lined curtains. Not only do these add insulation to a space, they also block light when drawn and reduce the intrusion of outside noise.

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Pros of Plantation Shutters: Plantation Shutters can be used to highlight the traditional feel of a room or give it a sleek, contemporary look. Face-fit shutters generally bring a classic look to a space, while recess-fit shutters sit inside the window frame, giving a sleek and seamless effect.

Cons of Plantation Shutters: While Plantation Shutters add impact and style to a space, some people like a softer look , particularly in their living areas and bedrooms. To enjoy the benefits of both, pair your Plantation Shutters with curtains. As well as helping to frame a window, curtains add some texture to a space. Sheer curtains diffuse sunlight and add texture to a room, while lined curtains bring a cosy, upmarket feel with their soft fabric folds. They also add extra insulation to the space. Blockout curtains provide additional thermal insulation and total darkness.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All DIY Blinds PolyLux® shutters have a 20-year warranty, so you can be sure that you’re buying a high-quality product. They’re Australian Made, and come with just a seven work-day lead time, compared to most imported shutters which have an eight to ten week lead time. Our price beat guarantee means you get quality Australian Made shutters for the lowest price.

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