A renovation revolution

This transformation like no other turned a dark, closed-off heritage bungalow into an open, bright, beachy-vibe haven for Kayla, Jae and their young family.

Home Tours by DIY Blinds Ep 16

Jayla Residence

Function and form with finesse

Motorised curtains converted this older home into a modern wonder, allowing complete control over light and privacy with a touch of a button. Double and lined curtains designed to fit wall-to-wall provide the warmth and light control the young family need to create a cosy space that works day and night.

A classically modern finish with a twist

Pairing a beachy vision with a heritage framework called for plantation shutters that perfectly married the two aesthetics to create a seamless, stylish result. Providing both a classic look and a bright finish that lifted the living spaces, shutters were the ideal answer for this modern, warm family home that craved a luxe look within a traditional structure.

Smarter style choices

A small heritage window and sparse wall were converted into a textured feature with sheer curtains wrapping the room in gentle warmth and added softness. Diffusing natural light, the sheers were designed to both lighten and brighten throughout the home while giving the family the daytime privacy they desire.

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