We recently received a phone call from one of our lovely Melbourne customers, Evelyn. Evelyn had a bit of a dilemma. At the rear of her home, she had an extremely large window (a width of 2500mm and a drop of over 4000mm). When Evelyn bought her house about 12 years ago, this window came with a light filtering Roman blind that had served her well to date. However, over the last few years the cord control had broken in a few parts and the blind was on its last legs.

The limitation with oversized blinds is that it’s often hard to find fabric large enough to fit the windows at hand. Even when this can be accomplished, manufacturers are often still limited by the size of the tables the different fabric types are cut upon. But all hope is not lost – thanks to our innovative ways of thinking, we can provide solutions for all kinds of tricky circumstances…

What to do when the blinds I love don't meet my window's size limits?

Evelyn had her heart set on our beautiful Balmoral Light Filtering fabric, which is limited to cuts measuring 3600mm in drop. Obviously, this size didn’t quite meet the requirements of Evelyn’s window. The solution? We constructed the blind in two pieces and joined the fabric along one of the pockets. The result was not only functional, but simply stunning.

Okay, so the fabric fits, but how do I control the operation of my super-size blind?

To increase the durability of Evelyn’s customised window treatment, we decided to install a chain drivers control, which is more than capable of moving a blind this size.

The blinds are ready to go, but I can't install them on my own!

With windows of this scale, there are also some logistical issues with measuring and installing. Without the right gear, installing a blind 4 metres above the ground can be extremely dangerous. To solve this problem for Evelyn, we were able to provide her with one of our trusted installers who pre-quoted her job and charged a fixed fee.

As you can see, we really are committed to customising each and every one of our customers’ experiences. No two homes are the same, which is why a window treatment fitted exactly to your room’s measurements and to your individual style palate is so important. In Evelyn’s case, we were able to create a blind that catered to her unique circumstances while sticking to her choice of design, thereby turning the seemingly impossible into possible. As a result, Evelyn loves her new blind and we were extremely proud of how it turned out. What do you think?