Elevating a room with their luxe look and functional ease, S Fold Curtains form a structured S shape. The fabric drapes beautifully, creating clean vertical lines to the ceiling that give the illusion of height. This culminates in a modern, luxurious finish.

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Why should I choose S Fold Curtains for my home?

  • Functional: S Fold Curtains stack neatly when closed, and open and close smoothly on the track, making them easy to use. At DIY Blinds we custom-make our curtains, offering customers a curated selection of designer-quality fabrics that offer varying levels of light control, privacy, and thermal insulation

  • Minimal maintenance: Once you dress S Fold Curtains they will maintain their shape and even spacing between folds. Read here about how to dress S Fold Curtains.

  • Impressive: The repeating vertical folds in S Fold Curtains help elongate the look of your walls. Drawing your eyes from the ground to the ceiling, this curtain style can make smaller spaces appear larger and high spaces feel even taller and grander.
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What type of room suits S Fold Curtains?

S Fold Curtains are the perfect choice for hero spaces such as living rooms and master suites, creating drama, softening a room and elevating the look and feel of a space. The forward folds in the fabric allow light to come in, making them a great option where effortless luxury can be appreciated.

DIY Blinds recommends

Light control and privacy in a room doesn’t mean skimping on luxury. Pairing S Fold Curtains with a Roller Blind is the best way to combine function with style and is our most popular combination. The S Fold Sheer curtains are the aesthetic hero while the blockout Roller Blinds offer functionality in terms of light control, privacy, and thermal insulation.

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How can S Fold Curtains hang?

How you choose to hang your S Fold Curtains will change the look and feel of your room.

Just off the floor: A classic, neat finish. Perfect if you have children, pets, or hard floors, as your curtains will collect less dust and dirt when you open and close them. Your ceiling and floor need to be parallel for this finish to work.

Touching the floor: When your curtains meet the floor it causes the S folds of the fabric to skim the ground, creating a lived-in, contemporary look.

Puddling: A high-end, luxe finish, puddled curtains gather elegantly on the floor, creating an element of fullness.

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How do I choose the right S Fold Curtains for my home?

There are several things to consider when deciding if S Fold Curtains are right for your home.


S Fold Curtains are a statement piece, so choose your colour carefully to ensure the room isn’t overpowered. Subtle tones such as pale greys, beiges and warm whites let the fabric speak for itself. At DIY Blinds we offer a huge range of colour options with the added benefit of exclusive options.


Soft fabrics hang beautifully in S Fold Curtains. We offer a wide variety of textures, opacity and DIY Blinds exclusive ranges. We always use 100% fullness for our curtains, compared to 80% used by our competitors. That means we use 2.2 metres of fabric for every metre of track, giving you a plush, voluminous look.


The style of S Fold Curtains that you choose for your home will depend on how you need them to perform, and the aesthetic you like. Discover the best style to suit your home here.

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DIY Blinds recommends

Add even more luxury to a space by installing motorised curtains. DIY Blinds partners with Somfy, the best motorisation provider available, to provide a smooth and quiet motorised operation that compliments your lifestyle, at the best market price.

How do I measure and install S Fold Curtains?

At DIY Blinds we give you all the information you need to measure and install your window coverings. If you’re not feeling confident we can help you design, measure and install your curtains. You can also book a free online design consultation for personalised advice. Learn more about how to measure and install S Fold Curtains here.

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