Renovation veterans and former The Block contestants Bec and George Douros recently got DIY-savvy, turning an old 1950s weatherboard home into a fresh, modern and cosy abode.

Bedroom with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in pure white colour

In amongst a slew of custom pieces the pair sought out for the Spotswood renovation, they also chose to give their window treatments that ultimate personal touch. That’s where they reached out to DIY Blinds. After measuring their windows using our simple instruction guides, the duo sent through their request details and we got to work manufacturing PolyLux® plantation shutters to furnish the entire house. The couple, who competed on the TV series The Block: Sky High in 2013, purchased the house in 2009 for $490,000. The finished product went under the hammer on March 25, selling for $910,000. Check out the stunning transformation below!

When the couple first bought the home, it was drab, dreary and outdated. They sub-divided the block and rented out the property until their tenant moved out last year. Since then, Bec and George have been doing the hard yards to create a stunning and stylish home.

They completed most of the renovations themselves – bar plumbing and electrical – to save on costs. In total, the couple spent out around $100,000 to restore the property, making a tidy little profit on auction day. Bec and George completely redesigned the original layout to bring the property into the 21st century. The kitchen, which was originally at the back of the house, was converted into a master bedroom, with the existing plumbing used to create an adjoining ensuite.

Living dining room with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in Pure White colour

The use of PolyLux® plantation shutters on each window helps retain the ‘cottage charm’ aesthetic that laced the original space. In addition to customised window treatments, most of the furniture is also custom-made – including the timber half-moon bedhead and matching side tables.

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One of the most striking features of this room is the window seat, which is perfectly complemented by white shutters. This cosy little nook is bang-on trend right now, with ‘escapism’ themes being a highly sought-after style in 2017.

Moving on to the main bathroom, Bec and George continued their use of plantation shutters by installing these window treatments above the freestanding bathtub. The matte lustre finish of the shutters perfectly offsets the understated matte tiles adorning the walls, while helping the geometric shapes of the bold art deco floor to really pop.

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Wondering how plantation shutters hold up against bathroom moisture? PolyLux® plantation shutters are made of an aluminium composite frame combined with a polyresin shell. A special treatment is applied to the surface which keeps them sealed, protected and highly durable. Where Venetian timber blinds will commonly warp when exposed to moisture, PolyLux® shutters retain their shape.

Bedroom with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in pure white colour

With the master bedroom now positioned at the back of the house, the renovation experts decided to shift the kitchen to the centre, turning it into a real focal point. Again, PolyLux® plantation shutters were installed throughout, transforming the space into a light-and-airy paradise.

Bedroom bed with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in pure white colour

Like most houses built during the 1950s, the rooms throughout Bec and George’s quaint Spotswood property were all quite closed-off from one another. With open-plan layouts being all the rage right now, Bec and George decided to open the house right up and create a communal space. As such, the kitchen flows straight into the dining and living areas.

To continue that streamlined flow from the kitchen all the way to the backyard, the choice of uniform floorboards and window treatments throughout helps tie each space together. Bec and George were adamant on making the most of natural light rather than saturating the space in artificial light – PolyLux plantation shutters® are ideal for this, with the adjustable louvres enabling generous streams of sunlight to flow throughout.

White kitchen gold tap ware with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in Pure White colour

By completely closing the louvres during the daytime, the lucky new homeowners of this gorgeous abode can snuggle up on the couch and indulge in a midday movie. Conversely, opening the shutters reveals a pair of stunning French doors, which can be then be opened up onto the beautiful back deck to seamlessly marry the indoors with the outdoors.

Kids bedroom with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in pure white colour

Finally, the last two rooms in the house were originally two bedrooms. Given the family-friendly neighbourhood of Spotswood, Bec and George decided to delegate one as a kids’ bedroom while turning the other into a home office.

The kids’ bedroom reflects the master bedroom with the matching timber half-moon headboards and side tables. The use of white shutters in this room makes for a magnificent contrast against the dramatic black feature wall, helping to simultaneously highlight it while introducing a certain softness to the space.

Kitchen dinning with Australian Made PolyLux Plantation Shutters in Pure White colour

For the home office, Bec and George planted this room right at the front of the house. Here, a gorgeous big window looks out onto the freshly landscaped garden, letting plenty of sunlight flow through while maintaining fantastic views of the front yard. With natural light helping to stimulate and re-energise tired minds, bright and airy shutters are a perfect choice for this space.

The overall finished project exudes warmth and cosiness yet with a fresh, modern twist. Restored antique ceiling roses, cornices and Tasmanian oak floorboards are complemented by crisp white walls, blonde timber and pops of greenery. Alpine White PolyLux® plantations shutters throughout offer a contemporary yet homely style, introducing a stunning sense of radiance to what was a previously dull, dimly-lit space.

Thank you Bec and George for working with DIY Blinds!