These days, we’re seeing more and more Aussies follow the investment property trend. Interest rates are attractively low and real estate is a sweet commodity to have in your hot little hands right now.

Whether you’re building from scratch, have bought a skeleton-of-an investment property, or you’ve purchased a great little gem that is a bit on the outdated side, you’ll undoubtedly want to get a bit creative with adding colour to the insides. However, unlike your own little abode where you can inject as much personal style as possible, you want to create an interior that appeals to a broad market of prospective tenants while simultaneously requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Just as you spend hours carefully selecting everything from the carpet to the doorknobs, you also want to devote a healthy dose of attention to your window treatments. To help you maximise on your investment property, there are a couple of ways to ensure you are finding the best blinds for your brand new baby…

Roller blinds should be your window treatment of choice

We tend to find that many people are inclined towards hoisting up vertical or aluminium Venetian blinds; however, in the long-run, you are best off opting for roller blinds. Where verticals and aluminiums tend to get treated poorly and suffer irreversible damage from careless tenants, roller blinds are a much more cost-effective and durable option. With so many different options available, you can choose the right fabric for each room – for instance, blockout for the bedroom, light filtering for the lounge room, and sunscreen for the kitchen.

Choose neutral colours that match your walls

It’s important to stick to relatively safe parameters when selecting hues for your blinds. Essentially, you want to be creating a fresh, clean canvas that the tenant can play with to his or her delight. White, bone or grey shades are ideal: they can virtually match anything while also guaranteeing to penetrate decades of fashion trends thanks to their classic low-key status. Whichever tone you choose, make sure your blinds complement your wall colour in order to create a calm, streamlined and stylish look.

Invest in made-to-measure blinds

Last but not least, you are far more likely to appeal to your market by giving your blinds a crisp, clean-cut look. Customised blinds that have been designed exactly to the measurements of your windows are a sure-fire way to win over the hearts of style-savvy tenants and give your property development the professional touch that it needs.