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This winter get cosy with plush fabrics, earthy tones and a luxe look.

Your Guide to Winter Window Coverings

Australian winters might feel a little challenging when it comes to styling. Bright sunlight coupled with unforgiving temperatures calls for Australian made products built with your specific needs in mind.

From ensuring the best thermal insulation that keeps energy costs low, kindness to our planet high, and still maximising natural daylight for a luxurious look, DIYblinds has a product to suit every room.

Styling your home this winter means plush fabrics, 
earthy tones and a luxe look. Discover the best ways to dress your windows for effortless function and a sophisticated finish.

With interior design trends moving away from the minimal and embracing comforting opulence, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home aesthetic.

We proudly custom-make our products for you in Australia, meaning we understand how each curtain, blind and shutter needs to function.

Selecting the best fabric that prevents warm air from escaping and cold air from getting in enables us to increase the thermal insulation across every room in your home while never compromising on your style or vision. And, because our products are made-to-measure for your home, the fit is always perfect, turning every room into a cosy, safe haven against the winter chill.

Discover more about the right products that look great while transforming your home into a warming winter wonder.

DIYblinds expert tip

Curtains, blinds and shutters that provide better thermal insulation are perfect for winter, but they also provide benefits all year round.

The layering and fabric selection help to keep hot air out in summer, lowering costly air conditioning bills and keeping your home cool and comfortable.


Thermal Curtains

Blockout Roller Blinds

Plantation Shutters


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Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains provide increased insulation and temperature stability in your home.
This means rooms will stay warmer for longer this winter.

How do they work?

The fabric composition, layering and made-to-measure fit of our thermal curtains are the secrets to their superior insulating properties.

Made with multiple layers of fabric, the material prevents warm air in the room escaping through the windows, while also preventing cold air from coming in. At DIYblinds, we offer the best fabrics for insulation which have a thicker, tighter weave.
Our thermal curtains with two layers are designed to trap air between the fabrics, guaranteeing a welcoming, warm environment.

Our products are custom-made to fit your windows, meaning our designers can ensure the fabric sits close to the glass, preventing warm air from escaping, and have a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall fit, reducing gaps and providing maximum insulation.

What type of thermal curtains are right for my home?

There is a thermal curtain to
suit every home. At DIYblinds,
we offer:


A single fabric affixed to one curtain track, blockout curtains’ increased thermal insulation comes from the silicone or acrylic coating in the fabric. Perfect for a room that needs to be warm and dark, such as a nursery or media room.


Providing a 5-star look with maximum functionality, double curtains create two barriers – one sheer curtain that can be closed during the day to soften bright sunlight and add texture, and one blockout curtain for nighttime that prevents cold air from coming in.

Providing all the thermal properties you need without compromising on your aesthetic, double curtains are great for luxe living spaces where light is a feature.


A favourite among our designers, lined curtains are a sheer curtain joined with a blockout. This marriage of fabrics creates a soft, textured look while providing maximum insulation and light control.

Better yet, they are perfect for smaller rooms where you want the same thermal layering as a double curtain but don’t have the space. They also suit a master or guest suite where you want full functionality with a luxe finish.

DIYblinds expert tip

If you are planning a renovation or building your own home, ask your architect or builder about 
built-in pelmets that can increase thermal insulation.

Blockout Roller Blinds

One of the most impactful options
for winter window coverings are blockout roller blinds, which provide
a double benefit with their fit and specially selected fabrics.

How do they work?

Blockout roller blinds are one of the more versatile
window coverings, which means our expert design
team can create them to provide maximum thermal insulation during the cooler months.

To keep cold air out and warm air in, we recommend a blockout roller blind that is designed to face fit. This minimises gaps, which, as well as making windows look larger and creating a great look in every room, is the best fit for insulation properties. Discover more here about different styles of fit for your roller blinds.

The fabrics we offer at DIYblinds play a significant role in keeping your home warm and welcoming. Our blockout roller blind fabrics have an acrylic lining for superior thermal insulation.

What type of blockout roller blinds are right for my home in winter

Single blockout roller blinds

A single blind that blocks light perfect for media rooms or bedrooms. The acrylic lining of the fabric helps keep warm air in and cold air out.

Blockout roller blinds with sheer curtains

If you want full functionality and thermal insulation combined with luxe texture, layering sheers over blockout roller blinds is a winning combination. Great for adding a touch of softness and a relaxed ambience to a living space or bedroom.

Double roller blinds

The ultimate choice for flexibility,
combining two single roller blinds on
one bracket allows you to design a
specific look and feel for each room.

Alternatively, combining a recessed
sunscreen or light filtering blind will
give you daytime privacy without losing light, while a face fit, back rolled blockout blind will ensure thermal insulation and darkness. Perfect for street-facing rooms and bedrooms.

DIYblinds expert tip

The way you choose to fit your blinds will impact how much light comes in and how insulated your room is.

Book an online consultation with one of our Design Experts today to discuss the difference between face fit, recess fit and roll direction to make sure you get the look and
feel you want.

Plantation Shutters

Our PolyLux® plantation shutters are built for the Australian climate and designed to withstand humidity, heat and sunlight, meaning they won’t bubble, peel or split.

While other suppliers use hollow louvers, our shutter frames and louvers have an aluminium core, making them ultra-durable and long-lasting.

All DIYblinds plantation shutters come with a 20-year warranty.

How do they work?

Evoking beachy vibes and light summer days, plantation shutters are a designer and homeowner’s aesthetic dream. However, when considering the best window coverings for winter, plantation shutters may not immediately come to mind.

At DIYblinds, you don’t have to choose between the look you love and keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Pairing your plantation shutters with blockout or lined curtains gives you the best of both worlds.

Plantation shutters provide great airflow, privacy control and light diffusion. Blockout or lined curtains layered over your shutters give you the warmth, insulation and softness your 
home deserves.

What type of plantation shutters are right for my home in winter?

The secret to making plantation shutters work with the Australian climate is how you pair them.

Combining plantation shutters with a blockout or lined curtain will create the street appeal look you want, with ultimate thermal insulation.

Because the window coverings can work independently and together, they offer maximum flexibility.

Whether you want privacy control, light diffusion or thermal insulation, you don’t have to compromise.

If you want ultimate privacy and light-control while still having an unobstructed view, our experts can custom-make a shutter that allows you to open or close the top and bottom half louvers when you want. Perfect for street-facing rooms.

Motorised Blinds and Curtains

Motorised blinds and curtains are the ultimate in modern home luxury, providing a seamless look and uncluttered aesthetic.

Even better, when you’re looking for maximum insulation, motorised window coverings give you superior control over the temperature stability of every room in your home – even when you’re not there.

How do they work?

DIYblinds partners with Somfy, a world leader in motorised window coverings. Providing options including battery or wired remote control, wall switch or Wi-Fi-enabled remote control, Somfy allows our design experts to create the perfect products for your home and needs.

Discover more here about how our Somfy motorised blinds 
and curtains work.

Somfy Remote

Control your motorised blinds and curtains with the click of a button.

Bond Bridge

Operate your window furnishings from anywhere via the Bond Home App. Works with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.

How do motorised blinds and curtains help to control temperature?

Controlling your blinds and curtains without moving a muscle might sound like the ultimate luxury indulgence. But the practical benefits are even more exciting.

At DIYblinds, we can design blinds and curtains with motorisation that react to changing temperatures in your home.

This allows you to program your motorised blinds and curtains to open during the warmest parts of the day, encouraging cooling air flow, and to close when temperatures fall, keeping your home warm.

Because of their pre-programmed capability, you do not have to be in the same room, or even be at home, to ensure every room is kept at the most comfortable temperature.

Additional Benefits of Motorisation

Accessible and child safe

Control out of reach blinds. Perfect for those with disability or accessibility requirements. No chains, means no hazards for young children.

Home automation voice control

Schedule around your daily routine. Kickstart your smart home journey or integrate with your current setup.


Controlling your window furnishings remotely means you can give the illusion someone’s home when you’re not.

Why DIYblinds?

We do things a little differently at DIYblinds. Because we’re online, with no pushy salespeople or flashy showrooms, we can design, make and install your Australian made curtains, blinds and shutters at prices other suppliers cannot beat.

Our expert Design Consultants care about your home like it’s their own, which is why our products are made with the highest quality and safest materials.

Connecting with you online, at your convenience, means no time wasting, and you can receive your products within days of ordering.

What else is special about DIYblinds?

Quality materials and design

We use the finest quality materials and componentry and our range is packed with the latest designer options and styles.

Australian Made

At DIYblinds, we custom-make your blinds, shutters, and curtains right here in Australia. This means you get quality craftsmanship and speedy turnaround – all while 
supporting local jobs.

Free Expert design advice

Book a free online consultation with one of our Design Consultants to get an expert opinion on your project.

Certified VOC free

Our plantation shutters are certified VOC-free and safe for your family, so you don't have to worry about nasty chemicals in your home.

Best price guarantee

We love helping our customers save money. If you find the same product for less elsewhere, we'll beat it by 10%.

Longer warranties

Australian made means superior craftsmanship. This is reflected in our longer warranties – 20 years for PolyLux® and 5 years for other products.

Smarter blinds

Smart blinds are here. Somfy motors are best in class and are the leaders when it comes to motorising your blinds and curtains.

Do It Yourself or professional install

Our blinds, shutters and curtains are easy to measure and install yourself with our helpful guides. However, if you can’t do it yourself, we can professionally install them for you.

Jimmy Doo Farm

@jimmydoofarm @futureflip @neilhipwell

Designed by the talented team of Krystal and Neil Hipwell at Future Flip, this old farmhouse was transformed into a stunning Snowy Mountain escape.

With a distinctive alpine climate, thermal insulation was front of mind when our DIYblinds designers created the functional aesthetic of this loving family home.

Our dedicated design teams can custom-make solutions for unique and out-of-the-box ideas so that every customer achieves the look and function they want.

Luxe sheers layered with blockout roller blinds ensure heat stays in while the textured softness of each space is retained.

A mix of subtle and bolder fabric and colour choices accentuates the comfy cosiness of each room against the rugged landscape.

If you have bespoke requirements, book a free online consultation today and let our experts create your perfect vision.

The main considerations when choosing the blinds was to get a nice, warm vibe while still seeing light through them, but also retain thermal mass. We wanted to heat the house up, then have the blinds bounce that heat back into the rooms.
- Neil and Krystal Hipwell

Roam Merrjig


Described as a refuge for dreamers and adventurers, this majestic hideaway near Mt Buller boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for panoramic views of the stunning landscape and nearby mountains.

The DIYblinds design team created a mix of smart solutions that ensured ultimate insulation for the harsh climates of high summer and deep winter without compromising on the aesthetic vision for the property.

Blockout roller blinds ensure total privacy when closed. Plush, thick-lined curtains give each bedroom a tangible warmth, while sheer curtains throughout provide some whimsical softness against the imposing landscape.
The result? The perfect winter getaway.

We love the blockout and sunscreen blind combo. It was important to us that our guests enjoy panoramic views all year round without heat and glare and the way you filter light through the windows can create drama and romance.
- Yuen Coleman

Blairgowrie Residence


The team at Manna Made joined forces with DIYblinds at the draft stage for this stylish coastal home. The partnership allowed the window coverings to be part of the overarching vision from day one, meaning they work seamlessly with the slick architecture and pared-back furnishings.

Built-in pelmets enabled full motorisation across the home, providing full light, privacy and temperature control, while also achieving the ultra-modern, high-windows and invisible joinery aesthetic that makes the residence so unique.

Using the same curtain fabric throughout added an effortless cohesion across each room while giving this Mornington Peninsula home a noticeable softness throughout.

We’ve opted for a practical blockout blind so we’re not necessarily waking up with the sun. We can also control how hot and cold the room is going to be on any given day
- Dani Wales

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If you are an Australian architect, designer or developer, HomePro is for you.

How it works

A HomePro Design Specialist works exclusively with you as our client to ensure a premium end-to-end service and exceptional results.

By immersing ourselves in your business and overarching vision, we can gain a deeper understanding of every nuance and need you and your customers have.

Balancing luxury aesthetics with high functionality and performance, we design custom-made solutions that work with Australia’s harsh climate.

The finished product that HomePro deliver is second to none. The projects speak for themselves and we couldn’t be happier with the overall outcome of our projects. Over many years we have built a level of trust and we know that the product will be delivered and delivered well.
 - Rob Gray, Graya

Providing exquisite products with superior, Australian made quality, HomePro offers a unique opportunity and partnership that results in exceptional outcomes.

From the first consultation and briefing to delivery and installation, your HomePro Design Specialist will guide you through a meticulous process to ensure a seamless journey.

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