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We offer the following solutions...

  • 1. Full Service

    Our professionals will check measure, deliver, and install.
    *Selected postcodes

  • 2. Check Measure + Delivery

    Our professionals check measure, we deliver, you install.
    *Selected postcodes

  • 3. DIY + Delivery or Collection

    You measure & install. We deliver to you or you can pick up at a pre-arranged depot.
    *Selected postcodes

*Please note that our premium shutter service is only available in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Western Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Order today and we’ll have them made in just 2-3 weeks for PolyLux® or 7-9 weeks for PolyChoice®

Affordable Plantation Shutters are Here!

For the ultimate in luxury, you can’t go past plantation shutters. Custom-designed and made-to-measure, discover Australian-made PolyLux® and PolyChoice® shutters today.

Have you always dreamt of installing shutters in your home but have been put off by the prices you see in the market? We’re bringing you the ultimate solution. Our range of PolyLux® and PolyChoice® shutters offer sophisticated luxury at the best available prices in Australia – all without compromising on quality.

Luxury without the ridiculous price tag

PolyLux® offers you Australian made plantation shutters with a 20 year warranty at half the price of leading retailers.

PolyChoice® offers you Australia’s most affordable shutters with a 10 year warranty

PolyLux and PolyChoice Shutter Comparison

How are we so much cheaper?

Don’t mistake low prices for low quality! By selling directly online we save on expensive brick and mortar costs and there are no commissions to pushy sales consultants. Buying direct means you save over 50% without compromising quality and style.


• pushy sales consultant
• driven by commissions

• brick & mortar store
• expensive rent & overheads

professional check measure - guaranteed perfect fit

retailer orders through a supplier/middle man

• factory recevies order
• made in 2-3 weeks

• installed by professional, or
• DIY solution


• NO pushy sales consultants
• NO commissions
• YOU save $

• buy online
• NO large overheads
• YOU save $$

professional check measure - guaranteed perfect fit

• NO middle man
• YOU save $$$

• order placed direct with factory
• made in 2-3 weeks

• installed by professional, or
• DIY solution


  • Expert advice from our highly trained consultants
  • We will come out to measure & install
  • Huge savings without compromising style or quality


  • Pushy sales consultants in your home driven by commissions for
  • The added cost of expensive brick and mortar overheads
  • The added expense of middle men and large overheads
  • PolyLux® & PolyChoice® is guaranteed to never fade, bleach, peel, or blister
  • For an affordable window treatment that oozes sophisticated luxury while promising unmatched strength against the toughest conditions
  • Add significant street appeal and value to your home by installing shutters
  • PolyLux® and PolyChoice® are the modern alternate to traditional wooden shutters and are virtually maintenance free
  • Ideal for places of high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens

The benefits of shutters are vast, they inject ambience into your room, highlight distinct architectural features, and provide access to breathtaking views. The smooth-operating blades can be rotated 180° in either direction: open them completely to allow generous streams of sunlight to pour into your room, adjust them at an angle to soak up that dappled afternoon light, then close them at night time for maximum privacy.

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