Item Checklist

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill with 3mm Phillips head drill bit
  • Gap Seal applicator gun
  • Stepladder

Step 1 - Construct your frame

  • Start with a clean surface (we suggest the cardboard packaging provided) to avoid scratches.

    Each side of your frame has been labelled to ensure that the correct panels are matched with the correct hinges.

    Lay your frame out on the floor and clip each corner together.

Step 2 - Mount your frame

  • Carefully lift your frame into place

For larger windows

Have someone help you with this step to ensure the corners of the frame don’t get damaged.

  • Face Fit

    Pre-drill holes in the back of the frame facing the architrave of the window.

    Use the screws provided to screw the shutter frame to your window frame.

  • Recess Fit

    Pre-drill 2 small holes on each side of the window frame (8 in total, approximately 150mm apart)

    Screw your shutter frame to your window frame with the screws provided.

Step 3 - Mount your panels

  • Hinge Pin

    Attach your panels to the frame using the provided hinge pins.

    The brackets should line up on the frame and the panel. If not, you may be trying to put the wrong panel on the wrong hinge.

    Once installed, test to see that they open and close with ease.

Step 4 - Squaring your frame

Because of their weight, large panels may sit tight to the frame and need to be lifted in and out of place. This is normal.

You should have a nice even gap across the top between your panels and frame. If not, you will need to back in and out one or more of the screws to straighten out the frame.

Step 5 - Fill your gaps

For a professional finish, use the gap filler provided to fill the gaps between your window frame and shutter frame.

You may need to let it dry and apply a second filling to ensure all the light is being blocked out (often a good idea to check in direct sun light so you can see where you may have missed).

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