The easy way to install plantation shutters

Welcome to our simple guide to installing your new, custom plantation shutters. Your custom kit is super easy to use, so have fun as you click, slide and lock parts together.

Before you get going

Your custom kit:

Because we know how easy it is to lose small parts, you may get a few extras in your kit.

OK it's time to start installing,
let's take it step by step

Installing your shutters is easy and fun. Follow these 5 steps, then kick back and admire a job well done. Here's how to do it:

1 Get organised

  • 01 A facefit shutters A

    Unpack your kit, and gently lay it all out on a clean, hard surface or the cardboard packaging it came in. Be careful not to scratch the parts when moving them.

  • 01 B facefit shutters B

    We label sections of your frame and your panels, which will help you to match up the right panels and hinges later. Lay out the shutter panels the right way up and in order from left to right.

2 Click your shutter frame together and screw holes

  • 01 C facefit shutters A

    Click each section of your shutter frame together using the Hoffmann keys in your custom kit, and feel free to use your body weight.

    The keys come attached to sections of your shutter frame. If they've fallen out that's OK, just slide them back in.

    If you're finding it difficult, it's usually because the Hoffmann keys have come out on one side.

  • 02 B facefit shutters B

    If you have T posts, screw them onto your shutter frame using your cordless drill and the long black screws in your custom kit. There are pre drilled holes on your shutter frame, to show where you'll attach the T posts. The top of your T post will be labelled t, and the bottom b.

  • 02 C facefit shutters C

    Turn over your shutter frame and lay it back down. Using your cordless drill with the 3 mm drill bit, drill holes through the back of the shutter frame, in line with each hinge. Also drill four, evenly spaced holes through the back of the shutter frame at both the top and the bottom. The back of the shutter frame will attach to your window frame.

3 Mount your shutter frame

  • 03 A facefit shutters A

    Lift your frame into place, on the outside of your window frame. It can help to have two people for larger frames, so you don't bump the corners of your shutter frame.

    Drill each screw at the top of your shutter frame part way in, using your cordless drill with the Phillips head drill bit and the screws in your custom kit.

  • 03 B facefit shutters B

    Wiggle the frame until you get it looking level across the top. You can rest a spirit level on top of the frame while you do this.

    Tighten the top screws.

  • 03 C facefit shutters C

    Drill in your side screws next, and then your bottom screws. You can check your shutter frame is even across the top by using a spirit level.

4 Attach your shutter panels and check your shutter frame

  • 04 A facefit shutters A

    Remove any black bands from your hinge pins before you start. Pick up your left panel and hold into position. The brackets should line up on the left side of your shutter frame and your panel. Take a hinge pin and drop it through the bracket, from the top. Repeat for each panel.

    Hinge pin not sliding in? Check if you have panels upside down or if your frame is attached upside down.

  • 04 B facefit shutters B

    Check that your panels open and close easily. As they can be heavy, it's normal if you need to lift the edge of the panel and nudge it on.

  • 04 C facefit shutters C

    Check for a thin, even gap between each side of your shutter frame and your shutter panels.

    Shutter panels won't stay closed? Check out the 'I need some extra help' section at the bottom.

5 Get Insta ready

  • 05 A facefit shutters A

    Grab the stickers in your custom kit and stick them onto each visible screw.


Congrats, you did it! Before you kick back and admire a job well done, don’t forget to snap some photos and share your look with us. And tag us on Instagram to really make our day.

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