The easy way to install aluminium venetian blinds

Welcome to our simple guide for installing your new, custom aluminium venetian blinds. Your custom kit is super easy to use, so have fun as you click, slide and lock parts together.

Before you get going

Your custom kit:

OK it's time to start installing,
let's take it step by step

Installing your blind is easy and fun. Follow these 5 steps, then kick back and admire a job well done.

Here's how to do it:

1 Get organised

  • 01 A facefit venetian blinds A

    Unpack your custom kit, and lay out your venetian blind on a clean floor, under your window.

2 Mark up

  • 02 B facefit venetian blinds A

    Position outer brackets approximately 100mm from the edge of the blind and space the remaining brackets evenly across the width of the blind. (make sure the brackets will not interfere with the operation of the tilt mechanism before installing)

    Space out central brackets evenly (at least one bracket every 900mm)

  • 02 A facefit venetian blinds B

    Take your pencil and your brackets. Lift each bracket up into position and mark two level dots where the screws will attach the bracket to the frame.

3 Attach your brackets

  • 03 A facefit venetian blinds A

    Using your cordless drill with the 3 mm drill bit, pre-drill 2 holes where you marked the two pencil dots.

  • 03 B facefit venetian blinds B

    Pick up the bracket and position it directly over the two holes you just drilled. Secure the bracket with the screws in your custom kit, using your cordless drill with the Phillips head drill bit.

    Repeat the process for the other brackets.

4 Insert your blind

  • 04 A facefit venetian blinds A

    Place the front hooks of the bracket inside the front edges of the head rail.

  • 04 B facefit venetian blinds B

    When evenly in position, rotate the back of the head rail into the rear of the bracket until it clicks into place.

5 Make it child safe

  • 05 A facefit venetian blinds A

    Fasten the cleats to the frame using the screws provided. Do not use tape or glue.

  • 05 B facefit venetian blinds B

    The cord must not form a loop longer than 220mm and should be wound entirely around the cleat.

  • 05 C facefit venetian blinds C

    We take Australian child safety laws seriously. The cleats must be installed at least 1600mm above floor level, because a child is capable of unwinding a cord from a cleat. See 'Let's get real about child safety' at the bottom for more info.


Congrats, you did it! Before you kick back and admire a job well done, don’t forget to snap some photos and share your look with us. And tag us on Instagram to really make our day.

Let's get real about child safety.

Children don't understand that a chain wrapped around their neck can tighten and strangle them in just a few minutes if they sit down, roll around or climb down to the floor.

Children have died when the loop went over their head or they got tangled in a loose chain while:

  • sleeping in a cot or bed near to where chains are hanging
  • playing near chains, or
  • standing on a chair, sofa or bed to look out of a window.

You must follow the Australian Government requirements when installing your blind.

  • Install your p clip exactly as per step 5 of this guide
  • Don't remove the warning label that comes attached to your blind
  • Attach your own label with your name and contact details (or the details of whoever is installing your blind for you)

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