• 1 Items Checklist

    • 1 x Pelmet
    • Brackets - Amount varies depending on width
    • 2 x screws per bracket

  • 2 Tools Required

    • Cordless Drill with Philips head drill bit

    • Metal Tape Measure

    • Pencil

It is important to securely attach the brackets to the mounting surface. To achieve this, the screws must secure into wood studs. Otherwise, a fastener is required for secure mounting.


We recommend the use of the Ramset 10mm Grip Hollow Wall Anchor


Pre-drill holes and use the included screws

Concrete, Stone, Brick Or Tile

Use a masonry drill and appropriate plugs, anchors or screws

Step to install Pelmets

1. Position the Pelmet

a) With your tape measure, find the central point of the pelmet and mark this position on the top of the headboard with your pencil.

b) Find the center point of the window, and make a small mark with your pencil on the plaster.

c) You will use these two marks to line up the central point of the pelmet to the central point of the window.

2. Positioning the Bracket

Space the brackets evenly across the width of the window. Screw the brackets into place on the architrave, approximately 10mm above the height of the frame (alternatively you can mount the brackets onto the plaster with the required anchors listed above).

3. Mounting the Pelmet

a) Lift the pelmet onto the brackets. Line up the pencil mark with the central point of the window.

b) Secure the pelmet in place with a screw, up through each of the brackets

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