Item Checklist

Bracket Supply List

Track Size / Brackets Supplied

100-1300mm / 2

1301-2400mm / 3

2401-3500mm / 4

3501-4600mm / 5

4601-5800mm / 6

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill with Phillips head drill bit
  • Metal tape measure
  • Stepladder

What are you mounting your blind to?

I am drilling into timber: Pre-drill holes and use the provided screws

I am drilling into plaster: We recommend use of the Ramset 10mm Grip Hollow Wall Anchor

I am drilling into concrete, stone, brick or tile: Use a Masonry drill and appropriate plugs, anchors or screws

Step 1 - Position the brackets

  • As per your order, determine where your blind is to be fitted

    The amount of brackets supplied will vary depending on the width of the Vertical blind track.

Recess Fit - Inside your window frame
Position the end brackets at least 100mm in from the end. Evenly space the middle brackets along the window frame (middle brackets will only be provided if your blind is lover than 1500mm).

Face Fit - On the window frame or wall
Mark out the positions for the bracket at the desired even distance. If fitting the blind to architraves and the track has an overhang that goes past the window frame, put the end brackets level with the edge of the architrave.

Step 2 - Install the brackets


Wood screws have been provided, please ensure you have the appropriate screws and drill bit (as specified above) if you are not drilling into wood.

  • 1 Chain Drive Bracket

    Place the Chain Drive Bracket on the side you wish to have the operating chain as per your order.

    Mark if necessary and pre drill 2 holes before securing the bracket with screws.

  • 2 Pin End Bracket

    Repeat the process for the Pin End Bracket.

Step 3 - Install the slats

  • Peg Hook

  • Slat Removal

Step 5 - Child Safe Cord Tensioner


Australian Child Safety Laws state that a cord tensioner must be installed if the chain is less than 1.6m from the floor to prevent any risk of strangulation.

    • Position the tension device at the bottom of the chain loop, either to the inside of the window frame or in front of it.
    • Install the tension device onto frame, making sure that the loop chain hangs with minimal tension.

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