The easy way to measure for vertical blinds.

Welcome to our simple guide to measuring your windows for your new vertical blinds. You're going to love just how quick and easy it is to measure up, so let's go!

Before you get going

Designing your dream vertical blinds

The fun starts with designing how your vertical blinds will fit, so channel your inner stylist and get creative! This is about finding your dream look and getting custom blinds that fit and function perfectly.

Vertical blinds that sit outside the frame are called face fit

  • usually attached to the part of the window frame facing you
  • ideal for sliding doors and large windows
  • don't let much light in down the sides
  • best fit to get around chunky obstructions

OK it's time to start measuring,
let's take it step by step.

Measuring up is easy; we just need to know three things: your width and your drop measurements, and which side you'd like your wand or chain on. Here's how to do it:

1 Measure your width

Measure the exact outside width of your window frame across the top, and write it down. This measurement will be your blind width.

We recommend adding 60 mm - 100 mm on both sides. This will increase light control and privacy.

Example: your window width measures 1810 mm. You'll add 200 mm, and then give us 2010 mm.

Verticalblind 1 face fit width

2 Measure your drop

  • Verticalblind 2 1 face fit drop A

    Measure the height of your window frame from the top of the frame down to where you’d like the blind to finish, and write it down. This may be at the bottom of the frame, just above the floor, or to match up with other blinds in your room.

  • Verticalblind 2 2 face fit drop B

    For shorter drop window’s we recommend that you take the blind 50 mm - 100 mm below the sill. Watch for any obstructions such as a desk or bed.

  • Verticalblind 2 3 face fit drop C

    For full length windows we recommend that you measure to 10 mm off the floor. This will give enough clearance.

3 Choose your wand or chain side

Make a note of which side you'd like your wand or chain to be on. Think about which side is easiest to reach, obstruction free and where the wand or chain will be least visible.

7 face fit cord 2022

4 Order your custom vertical blinds online

You're all set to order your vertical blinds!

Design & order

Our hints and tips

Want to know our top tips for measuring up like a pro?

  • Give us your measurements in millimetres (mm)
  • Double check all of your measurements before you order
  • Always write down 'width' and 'drop' next to your measurements, so you don't reverse them by accident!
  • Only give us the exact measurements we ask for. Our team custom makes your blinds to fit your windows.
  • They make standard deductions to account for your brackets, so you don't have to.
  • Measure every window. The beauty of each house is that each window may have slight variations in size,
  • and we want all your blinds to fit perfectly.
  • We know every home is unique and we're just a phone call away if you need to chat- 1300 918 390
  • For some extra help deciding on your perfect fit, you can email a photo of you window(s) to our team:

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