Bec and George Teach You How to Measure and Install DIY Online Blinds

You probably already know that DIY Online Blinds makes it super-easy to achieve stunning new window treatments in your home at a fraction of the cost of a professional instalment. However, now some of Australia’s favourite renovators are putting the proof in the pudding. Bec and George Douros, who were contestants on the 2013 reality TV series The Block: Sky-High, recently contacted DIY Online Blinds to kit out their latest renovation project in Melbourne’s Spotswood.

(By the way, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out how the final product came up – a daggy old 1950s property transformed into a stunning, light-and-airy home that auctioned for a very tasty closing bid of $910,000. The photography alone is enough to make you swoon).

While our team of experts installed the PolyLux plantation shutters for the dynamic design duo, Bec and George slipped on their DIY gloves to quickly and easily install a set of our uber-popular roller blinds. Watch the clips featured on our website and follow their easy step-by-step video tutorials on measuring and installing our Australian-made blinds.

What’s included in the videos?

In the videos, Bec and George list all the basic tools you need throughout the process and give hot tips on measuring your windows and installing your blinds. Enjoy professional insight into the whole DIY process as Bec and George show you how to:

 - Measure your window’s outside width and suggested drop for a face-fit blind
 - Measure your window’s inside width and height for a recess-fit blind
 - Place and install your bracket in your desired location (whether that’s for a face-fit or recess-fit)
 - Use the edges of your architrave as a reference point for keeping your brackets level
 - Drill your holes in the right spot on your window frame
 - Clip your blind into your bracket
 - Install the P-clip child-safety tension device
 - Install your pelmet for the ultimate finishing touch

Love Bec and George’s look?

After watching the videos, you’d be forgiven for wanting to copycat Bec and George’s style. The pair opted for a recess-fitted sunscreen roller blind to sit flush within the window and form a bit of a basis to their window treatment. By choosing our One Screen fabric in a pure white shade, this provides a nice, neutral blind to give a really clean, foundational look while maintaining views of the freshly-landscaped garden.

They then paired this with a face-fit blockout roller blind in Balmoral fabric, which offers a nice subtle dose of texture. The colour they’ve chosen for their blockout is Dove – a shade that’s timeless yet simultaneously perfectly on-trend, acting as the idyllic complement to crisp white walls, soft timbers and pops of greenery. 

The pair also chose to cap off their blind with a pelmet featuring a fabric-wrapped valance (again, in dove Balmoral fabric to match the blockout blind). This hides the top rail and brackets, and nicely frames the final product. Finished off with a silver metal chain, Bec and George’s totally-customised double roller blinds prove that you, too, can inject your own personal style into your window furnishings with minimal effort.

So, are you ready to climb aboard the DIY Online Blinds revolution?

Now that you’ve seen just how easy it is to measure and install our blinds, why not give it a crack yourself? Explore the full range of blinds we have on offer and start creating the perfect look for your own home. Don’t forget – we can send out free fabric samples so you can make sure you’re making a 100% informed decision before hitting that ‘order’ button.