Discover the different types of blinds for your home:

Blinds for your windows can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Not only can they provide privacy, insulation and light control, they can also bring warmth and softness to a space.

Roller Blinds

Sleek, subtle and cost-effective, roller blinds are a great option for almost any home. They allow you to adjust light and privacy easily, come in a range of colours and fabrics, and are available in either recess or face-fit. Roller Blinds are a great option for covering sliding or bi-fold doors. They move in the opposite direction of a horizontal sliding door, and can be rolled up to give unobstructed views. You can even pair them with curtains so you get all the functionality of a roller blind alongside the softness of a curtain.

Great for: Bedrooms, kitchens, living areas or anywhere you want simple light control, insulation or privacy, along with some versatility.

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DIY Blinds Recommends

At DIY Blinds, our Roller Blinds come in different fabrics for different functions. Our light-filtering blinds are ideal for living areas and provide a soft light without darkening the room. They provide limited daytime privacy and total night-time privacy. Our sunscreen blinds block 95% of UV rays. Ideal for reducing glare and heat while maintaining a view, they also allow for daytime privacy. If you have a sliding door in a bedroom or a room that requires darkness, our blockout blinds provide both privacy and great insulation from outside temperatures.

Double Roller Blinds

Two blinds in one means you can choose two functions and the finished result won’t look bulky. DIY Blinds gives you the option to have two blinds on a single bracket to ensure minimum projection into the room. You can also opt for two single Roller Blinds. Choose a recessed light-filtering blind paired with a blockout blind to create a soft light during the day and darkness when you need it, or a recessed light-filtering blind paired with a face-fit blockout blind so you have a light filled room during the day and complete privacy at night.

Great for: Rooms where you need versatility, such as bedrooms, media rooms and home offices.

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Linked Roller Blinds

Linked Roller Blinds are placed side-by-side across a window. They can be configured to move multiple blinds individually or control multiple blinds simultaneously using single chain or single motor operated from one control. They’re a brilliant option for large sliding or bi-fold doors as they reduce the gap between blinds installed next to each other. They operate via one control but can be moved individually, giving you total flexibility over how you use them.

Great for: Sliding or bi-fold doors, where they’re easy to use while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

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The DIY Blinds Way

At DIY Blinds, our Linked Roller Blinds can be custom-made up to 12 metres wide. We offer motorised options for Roller Blinds over 595mm wide. All of our Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds and Linked Roller Blinds can be purchased with a hand-drawn chain or a motorised system. Motorised Roller Blinds come with the motor already fitted into the blind.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds add a streamlined look to your interior as the fabric folds neatly at the top of the window when they’re open. Due to their shape, they’re face-fit only, and can provide a stronger light-filtering and privacy option than recess-fitted roller blinds.

Great for: Bringing character to bedrooms, living rooms and home offices.

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Panel Glide Blinds

Great for large windows and sliding doors, Panel Glide Blinds are a modern alternative to vertical blinds. They’re made from overlapping fabric panels that eliminate light. They work along one track and, depending on the panel configuration, can be operated using one or two wands.

Great for: Providing light control and privacy to sliding doors and large windows.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds provide complete privacy when closed, but can let minimal light in through the vertical slats and where the slats connect to the track. They’re not recommended for bedrooms if you require complete darkness. They can be rotated to allow in light. At DIY Blinds, we’ve ditched the old-fashioned vibe of Vertical Blinds and utilised modern fabrics and colours to make them a contemporary, cost-effective option.

Great for: Wide windows, sliding doors and bi-fold doors.

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Venetian Blinds

The adjustable slats on Venetian Blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room. They’re a great budget-friendly alternative to shutters if you’re after easy light and privacy control. At DIY Blinds, we offer timber Venetian Blinds, which bring a sense of warmth to a room, and can add a traditional feel. Our aluminium Venetian Blinds give a more classic look, while our Visionwood blinds are in a faux-wood style that’s easy to clean, making them perfect for bathrooms and humid areas.

Great for: Rooms where you need the option of airflow and light control.

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The DIY Blinds Way

When you make a purchase with DIY Blinds, we make sure you have all the expert guidance and knowledge to make the right decisions. If you’re not feeling confident, you can book an online design consultation, where one of our experts will answer your questions.

  • Recess fit blinds
  • Face fit blinds

What’s the difference between face-fit and recess-fit blinds?

A recess-fitted blind sits inside the window frame. This gives a streamlined look and can help maximise space in small rooms. They may let in some light depending on the thickness of the window frame around the glass.

Face-fitted blinds sit outside the window frame. This means the window is totally covered by the blind, which stops light entering the room. Face-fitted blinds can make your windows appear larger.

The DIY Blinds Way

All our blinds are custom-made. We offer seven different types of blinds, in more than 300 fabric and colour combinations. DIY Blinds is excited to announce a new exclusive blind fabrics and colours range, launching in 2023. Watch this space.

DIY Blinds, the new way to buy blinds

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