The Block’s Steph and Gian’s mix-and-match approach shows how window furnishings can define different rooms

Window furnishings don’t need to be the same throughout a space to make an impact. The Block’s Steph and Gian used DIY Blinds’ wide range of products to create different zones in their master bedroom.
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“We wanted our master bedroom to feel spacious but cosy,” says Steph. “Because it’s so big, we needed to clearly define the different areas, so it didn’t feel too cavernous and empty.”

The couple achieved their vision by combining three different types of window coverings; Roman Blinds by the bed, then Sheer Curtains and Roller Blinds in the dressing area.

"Zoning different areas doesn’t have to be done with walls,” explains Steph. “Being clever with soft furnishings can be very effective.”

By the bed, Steph and Gian chose Roman Blinds. “Because they sit outside the window rather than in the recess, they make the window look a lot bigger,” says Steph. “Our windows are European style that tilt inwards, so the Roman Blinds work functionally here too; you can still open and close the window easily, without interfering with the drop of the fabric.”

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In aesthetic terms, the colour and texture of the Roman Blinds go perfectly with the muted tones of the space.

“The cream colour really complements the dark brown bedhead,” says Gian. “We also loved the lines on the blinds–they work really nicely with the detailing on the bed and bring a sense of sophistication to the space. The texture ties in beautifully with our Japandi styling throughout the whole house.”

The sheer S Fold curtains in the living area signal that this part of the room has a different purpose.“They work as a piece of furniture in themselves,” says Steph. “There are two windows, but the curtains cover the wall in the middle as well. We used them to break up the harshness of the plaster wall and get rid of any awkward space in between the panes of glass.”

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Steph and Gian chose one of DIY Blinds custom black curtain tracks to hang the sheers from.

“We wanted the track to be a feature in itself, rather than using a pelmet,” says Steph. “The black ties into other elements in the room, such as the lampshade and fireplace, to give it a really cohesive look.”

DIY Blinds offer different curtain lengths and Steph and Gian opted for a puddled finish.

“This look is perfect for a bedroom,” says Steph. “It feels a bit more undone and relaxed than curtains that simply graze the floor.”

While the aesthetics of sheers in a bedroom can bring a soft touch, it’s also important to consider privacy and darkness in a space where you sleep.

“We installed Blockout Roller Blinds in the reveal behind the sheers,” says Steph. “We used a plaster colour, so they blend in well with the walls. In the day they’re pulled up and you can’t see them at all. At night, they can be pulled right down so light doesn’t penetrate the room.”

They are also motorised for ease. “You can control the blinds when you’re lying in bed,” says Gian.“If you wake up in the morning and want to see some sunshine, all you need to do is press a button."

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The pair couldn’t be happier with the results in the space.

“I think we’ve shown that the soft lines in window furnishings can be really powerful,” says Steph. “When you think of curtains and blinds as furniture, it can change the way you use them.”

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