Whether your lifestyle needs have changed, you want to reduce your carbon footprint or you simply want to elevate a well-loved space, motorising your existing blinds comes with minimal cost and fuss but maximum impact.

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Why should I motorise my existing blinds?

It’s hard to miss something you never had. But, overwhelmingly, DIY Blinds customers who retrofit their existing blinds with motorisation tell us they wonder how they ever lived without it.

When you motorise your existing blinds, you get immediate impact. Benefits include:

  • Ultimate control
  • Lower energy bills
  • Heightened security and privacy
  • Complete comfort

Read more here about the benefits of motorising existing blinds.

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The DIY Blinds Way

DIY Blinds partners with Somfy to provide the highest-quality, Australian Made, customised, motorised roller blinds and curtains at below-market prices. Discover the smart products that will elevate your home, giving you ultimate comfort and control.

Can I motorise my existing roller blinds?

If you have existing Single, Double or Linked Roller Blinds from DIY Blinds, we can retrofit them to create a fully motorised system..

Roller blinds from select manufacturers can also be motorised, so why not book an online consultation with one of our experts. You can also take our quick quiz to work out if your existing roller blinds can be retrofitted with motors.

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The DIY Blinds Way

All of our products are Australian Made, which means we understand your climate and lifestyle needs. If you’re not confident about which products will work best for your space, book an online consultation with one of our experts, who can help you make the right choice.

DIY Blinds custom-makes blinds, curtains and shutters in a substantial range of style, colours, fabrics and functions. Let one of our Design Consultants help you find the perfect fit for your home and needs. You can customise your order based on your budget and needs - that means no pushy sales or commissions. All our pricing is transparent and itemised.

How can I add a motor to my existing blinds?

If you would like to motorise your existing blinds with a Somfy remote, you can do it yourself at home in three easy steps.

  1. Remove the chain drive - Unclip your roller blind and remove the chain drive with a gentle tug.
  2. Insert the motor - Grab your Somfy motor and slide it into the chain drive end of your roller blind. Be sure to line up your adapter and the tube profile so it slides in easily.
  3. Get ready to use your motorised blinds - Click your roller blind back into the brackets and you're ready to go! Use our easy online guide to set up your Somfy remote.

Follow our easy 3-step guide to retrofitting a motor to your existing blinds here.

A Somfy motor enables you to open and close your blinds via remote control, removing the need for chains to operate your blind, as well as streamlining the look of your room, motorised blinds provide a layer of safety around young children and pets by removing the need for a chain.

If you want to be able to control your blinds and curtains with your voice, or remotely when you’re not at home, you’ll need one of our wi-fi hubs.

DIY Blinds offers two wi-fi hub options that allow you to control your blinds and curtains remotely. They also allow for voice activation and let you schedule set times for your blinds and curtains to open and close. The two options are:

  1. Bond Bridge - works with Alexa or Google Home to control any motorised products such as blinds, curtains, ceiling fans and fireplaces, all via the same mobile app.
  2. Somfy Connexoon - works with Alexa or Google Home. The Somfy motors use the app to control your motorised curtains and blinds remotely via the internet or on a set schedule.

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